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The mission: TMDx provides a connection between the business community, academic institutions and Texas Guardsmen to work collaboratively on solutions that benefit Texas and our national security.


We provide business and academia access to equipment, facilities, and personnel while honing skillsets and establishing professional networks for our Guardsman to remain relevant in the face of tomorrow's challenges.


Interested Academia / Business
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•    For the academic and business communities that want to work with the DOD but don’t have access to the warfighter or understand how to navigate the bureaucracy, TMDx will be here to support them.
•    TMDx is located in the Capital Factory in downtown Austin. This is where every DOD innovation unit is located and provides for a unique opportunity to work synergistically and gain lessons learned, as well as to capitalize on their wins. TMDx San Antonio, Houston and Fort Worth locations are already in the works.
Interested Guardsmen
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•    TMDx provides the tools, resources and mentorship to bring Texas Guardsmen’s ideas to fruition. It also provides a safe space to be creative, empowers them so they can have an impact, rewards them and invests in them by proving opportunities to gain new skill sets.
•    Programs will include fellowships with local universities, businesses and other innovation entities, as well as civilian internships within TMD to solve real-world challenges—all with the goal to build relationships with local innovation communities.