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TMDx Ideation Platform allows for any TMD organization to run their own workshop. TMDx employs proven methodologies in design thinking to lead warfighters from concept to deployment of their ideas. Following a study of the problem, we host problem-definition workshops prior to tapping into our network to produce creative solutions.

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Programs for Soldiers


The TMD Fellowship is an educational partnership with Industry/Academia giving Airmen and Soldiers an immersive learning experience by inserting them into a non-Department of Defense (DoD) entity for a period of time. During the fellowship, service members will participate in a wide array of educational experiences designed to expose fellows to the cutting edge innovations needed to meet National Guard requirements of the future. Individuals participating in this program will experience different organizational structures, decision-making processes, and technologies that can better posture the National Guard to defend the nation. This program targets the Chief of the National Guard Bureau’s intent to maximize the talent Citizen-Airmen and Soldiers bring to the fight by deliberately developing our personnel to tackle future national security challenges.




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