Programs for Academia


The TMD Internship program is an unparalleled opportunity for university students to serve their country through collaboration with the United States military to address real-world challenges that require both technical and entrepreneurial expertise.

The TMD Internship program is open to U.S. citizens at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Participants possess a diverse set of skills ranging from mobile and web app development, data analysis and visualization, hardware prototyping, social media strategy, and technology scouting. Participants get the opportunity to work on a mission-focused real-world project, participate in a professional development opportunity, work directly with military and national security leaders, and gain perspective as to how their skills and experience can have a significant impact on national security.

Programs for Industry


The Honorary Commander Program is a one-year executive-level program intended to educate influential community members who have limited knowledge about the Texas Military Department in order to foster a local sense of ownership with their National Guard. It also serves as a forum in which Texas Military Department commanders can solicit advice and support from our civic leaders on matters affecting military and civilian communities.

At the end of the year, our goal is to have forged mutually beneficial relationships between the base and influential leaders in the community who will continue to serve as our ambassadors as well as our eyes and ears in the community, and be open and willing to discuss issues of mutual importance in the years to come.





The TMD Fellowship is an educational partnership with Industry/Academia giving Airmen and Soldiers an immersive learning experience by inserting them into a non-Department of Defense (DoD) entity for a period of time. During the fellowship, service members will participate in a wide array of educational experiences designed to expose fellows to the cutting edge innovations needed to meet National Guard requirements of the future. Individuals participating in this program will experience different organizational structures, decision-making processes, and technologies that can better posture the National Guard to defend the nation. This program targets the Chief of the National Guard Bureau’s intent to maximize the talent Citizen-Airmen and Soldiers bring to the fight by deliberately developing our personnel to tackle future national security challenges.

The TMD Fellowship program improves company value by teaming highly motivated DoD individuals with unique skill-sets with industry partners, bringing a diversity of thought and insight into operational challenges the DoD is facing. Industry partners are encouraged to solve these operational problems and commercialize a product for DoD consumption, resulting in a win/win scenario for both parties.





The TMD SBIR Center of Excellence works directly with AFWERX and Army Applications Lab in connecting companies with our people, facilities, and equipment. As of July 2020, we've helped 35+ companies partner with the Defense Department and helped fund $156M in total grants.