RFMSS/Land, Facilities and Range Scheduling information page

Unit: (90 DAYS out)

Contact Range Control Scheduling via email with logistical & training requirements.

Include: arrival date-departure date, range requirements, total personnel expected to attend using the request form.


  • Specify dates for live fire ranges to include night fire dates (if needed)
  • ADVON arrival date
  • Identify if PYRO tracers or smoke will be used.

Range Control Scheduling: Will issue the unit an **RCNI from RFMSS if the dates are available (https://ngtx-rfmss.ngb.army.mil/texas/pages/login.aspx)

** Do not assume that you have a reservation until you receive an RCNI number from Range operations.


Unit: (45 days out)

Draft your risk assessment & RSO/OIC memorandum and submit to range control. Contact Range Control, housing, and ammo handlers and identify the following:

o Range Control: Turn in your unit memo and DD2977 for a RSO/OIC safety brief class date.

o Housing: Schedule a draw date and time, to walk through your assigned billets.

o Ammo: Before picking up ammo at Camp Swift please confirm the following:

  • Re-check your TAMIS request or contact USPFO directly at 512-782-5001 **7825180 (SFC Garcia Higinio) to confirm status of document clearance.
  • Schedule a draw time/ turn in time via email with ariel.w.sanchez.mil@army.mil, jose.d.pastrano.mil@army.mil
  • Unit will have a licensed driver and alternate driver to pick up ammo. They must be hazmat certified (ammo 67 & 45). ** see 49 CFR172 and AR600-55.
  • The ammunition and explosive handler must be certified within 2 years
  • Off post ammunition requires inspection, please contact Range Control.

Simulator class: EST II (Engagement Skills Trainer)

Certified Operators

  • EST operators must attend an EST class given by Rich Rosa
  • Certificates will be submitted to Range Control in order to draw the EST II keys and building
  • No exceptions!

Camp Swift EST II is a two, 10 lane system.

  • Light side – M4/16, M9, M320, M4/320, and M1200 Shotgun
  • Heavy side – MK-19, M2, M240, M249, AT-4
  • New army IWQ can be run on both sides
  • NO live weapons are allowed in the EST II building
  • Units must coordinate with Range Control, prior to unit arrival, to draw keys

EST II instructors

  • Rich Rosa – rich.rosa@tollivergroup.com
  • Senior TADSS instructor
  • The Tolliver Group INC.
  • C: 256-529-0064
  • Charles Macalik – charles.d.macalik.ctr@mail.mil

Range Details and call signs


***Range operations issues keys for ranges/TA’s, schedules units, conducts RSO/OIC briefs, OPRA briefs, inspects ranges, inspects risk assessments, inspects OIC/RSO memorandums.