TXARNG will be hosting RFMSS classes for new account users that require training to schedule their unit in RFMSS (for Unit Schedulers only, as read-only accounts do not require training).

Please request a new account online HERE (sidebar)  for a read-only account, or email the RFMSS FA to reserve a Unit Scheduler training class.

RFMSS FA- james.m.rambikur.ctr@army.mil 512-782-5517. M-F 830-1700


Account requests are not associated with Fort Cavazos or Camp Bullis. However, if you have received prior RFMSS training from Fort Cavazos, that certificate will suffice for the TXARNG training requirement. Your name will be cross checked through a Teams folder that the TXARNG and Fort Cavazos share.  

Read-Only accounts will be approved as received, no rank or system requirement will be needed for this particular account status. 

Unit Scheduler accounts will be processed as received, please have your available dates ready for the Functional Administrator so they can get you scheduled for training. Please set aside about 3 hours, depending on the class size, for the class. It will be Teams meet, on a monthly basis. Please see picture below for details or visit the home page for more information.  


  • A unit request consists of an event the unit will schedule to conduct training. 
  • A typical request will include the strength, billets, admin, classroom, ranges, and training areas. 
  • No more than 1 strength line per request is needed. Do not break up requests with the same date and put separate strengths with each event. 
  • Most importantly, do not book over another unit, use the Two-Week Calendar.
  • Always follow up on requests, just because it is in, doesn’t mean it’s approved. 
  • Add communications to the request to better assist Range Control. 

RFMSS is a database that captures utilization at training sites. Captured information includes:
- Strength – overall personnel attending the entire event.
- Billets – barracks, beds, sleeping quarters
- Administration  - DFAC, classrooms, offices 
- Ranges – live fire and non-live fire
- Training Areas – BIVOUAC, field training exercises
This data is used to establish ISR (Installation Status Reports) so Facility Maintenance can track issues or upgrades to the installations. 
This utilization captured will also helps other units in scheduling events for training, not to overlap or impede reserved training.
Data inputted must be reliable, accurate, and taken seriously. Failure to do so will result in deactivation of your account.


CAMP BOWIE: NOAH CROWNOVER 512-782-5001 X 7164502

CAMP SWIFT AND BARKER RESERVOIR:  MARIO BENAVIDEZ 512-782-5001 x 7194153 or WADE FERGUSON 512-782-5001 X 7194154

CAMP MABRY/ RFMSS FA: JAMES RAMBIKUR 512-782-5001 X 7825517 (Must schedule through Garrison Command first)

CAMP MAXEY: CORY RICCI 512-782-5001 X 7184500, KELI PRESSLEY 512-782-5001 X 7184100

FT WOLTERS AND EAGLE MOUNTAIN: JOHN EZELL 512-782-5001 X 7304122, JOE PULIDO 512-782-5001 X 7304100, OR KEN SIMMONS 512-782-5001 X 7304107