Reconnaissance: Obtain information about activities and resources of Law Enforcement Agency developed targets, or secure data concerning characteristics of a particular area

Observation: Observation of Law Enforcement Agency developed targets that may include suspicious buildings, vehicles, vessels, or persons in the U.S. and to provide precise and continuous coordinates to law enforcement agents

Aviation Support - Reconnaissance & Observation

The Texas Counterdrug Aviation Support Element uses LUH-72 "Lakota" helicopters to support law enforcement partners by using unique military capabilities and training in the reconnaissance and observation of drug production sites and distribution routes. These capabilities include:

  • Electro-Optical/Infra-red
  • Data Communications with up and downlinks
  • Aerial command and control platform with secure communication equipment
  • Aerial transportation, training and operational support of law enforcement personnel

 Ground Reconnaissance Detachment - Operations & Training

The Texas Counterdrug Ground Reconnaissance Detachment uses unique military skills and training to support law enforcement partners in the observation and reconnaissance of drug production sites and distribution routes. The detachment also provides specialty operation training and emergency casualty medical training to law enforcement to improve their own capabilities and medical skills. 

  • Remote Camera Systems
  • Microwave Camera systems
  • Medium/short-range real-time thermal imaging
  • On-request operations training
  • In-field emergency medical response training



 TX Counterdrug Aviation Support


TX Counterdrug Ground Reconnaissance