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Taking Care of our Own

By: SSG Timothy Pruitt

Group Picture

SPC Poncher and PFC Katz are both full time students while serving in the Texas State Guard.  During this years winter break, they parked SPC Poncher's car at the airport in what they thought was secured parking. 

The car had been broken into and both soldier's gear, uniforms  and other personal items were taken.  The soldiers, over the last few weeks have been slowly replacing all the missing items.

Today during drill at Camp Swift, 1SG Smith and LTC Dudenhoeffer presented replacement ruck sacks to the soldiers.  They used their personal funds to purchase the ruck sacks for their soldiers.

Col Dudenhoeffer said," this is how we take care of our troops in 1BN 2nd REGT."  The purchase of the bags send a message that the troops will be taken care of if the need  arises.

Promotion Ceremony for SGT Brenda Burns

Story by: CMSgt Paul Lankford

DEL RIO, Texas - Cpl. Brenda Burns was promoted to sergeant on December 17, 2014 during a Texas State Guard promotion ceremony held in Del Rio.

Sgt. Burns, who is assigned to the Texas State Guard’s Army Component Command, 1st Battalion 19th Regiment, is also working alongside the Department of Public Safety and other local law enforcement agencies in a joint-agency operation in the Del Rio area.

The Texas State Guard is a branch of the Texas Military Forces responsible for providing mission-ready military forces to assist state and local authorities in times of state emergencies, with homeland security and community service through Defense Support to Civil Authorities and to augment the other two branches of the Texas Military Forces, the Texas Army National Guard and Texas Air National Guard as force multipliers. The State Guard’s missions are directed by the Commander in Chief of the Texas Military Forces the Governor of Texas and commanded by the Texas Adjutant General.

Arthur Miller, Border Liaison Officer, conducted the promotion ceremony and Sgt. Burns’ husband Russell, who is a veteran U.S. Marine, pinned the new rank on his wife.

Promotion Ceremony picture 1Promotion Ceremony picture 2

TXSG OCS Class 14 Prepares for Graduation

After successfully clearing the low-crawl obstacle on his stomach, Officer Candidate Michael Ross goes for round 2 on his back. Photo Credit Captain Shaw James
After successfully clearing the low-crawl obstacle on his stomach, Officer Candidate Michael Ross goes for round 2 on his back. Photo Credit Captain Shaw James

AUSTIN, Texas - The Texas State Guard (TXSG) Officer Candidate School (OCS) will graduate Class 14 on January 17, 2015.

Class 14, which began in October 2014, is the first to complete the newly revised 5 month accelerated OCS program which includes 1 month of preparatory online classes and 4 monthly drill events at Camp Swift. Previously, candidates completed OCS over 8 months; completing the condensed course has been no easy feat for the 8 candidates remaining from the 15 who started.

"Condensing the OCS drill cycle to five months instead of the previous eight months has proven to be beneficial for the candidates and cadre. The reduced number of drill periods resulted in less time away from families and employment while decreasing the potential for safety concerns during travel. The pace of the course is significantly faster, but overall quality of instruction has not been adversely affected. We believe we will see an increase in applications due to the shortened time frame and we are very pleased with the progress and enthusiasm of the current class of candidates" said COL Thomas Hamilton, TXSG J-7.

The TXSG began the OCS program in 2011 to meet the need for junior officers who are trained and prepared to fulfill the missions unique to the TXSG. The first month of the new OCS program utilizes the online Moodle platform for completion of pre-commissioning courses. The monthly four-day training exercises are designed to test the mental and physical endurance of candidates, while simultaneously requiring the devotion of countless off-duty hours to OCS academic and fitness demands. Class 14 has one more drill weekend before graduation, which will include completion of the Leadership Reaction Course at Fort Hood.

Officer Candidate Scott Runnels gives a hop as he scales down the rappelling tower. Photo Credit Captain Shawn James
Officer Candidate Scott Runnels gives a hop as he scales down the rappelling tower. Photo Credit Captain Shawn James

Class 14 is comprised of 3 candidates from the Army Component, 2 candidates from the Air Component, and 3 candidates from the Texas Maritime Regiment. Candidates are blended from their respective components and come together as one team working towards their graduation and commissioning. Officer Candidate Samuel Sexton stated, “OCS is more challenging than I could have imagined. There is no way to make it as an individual and the key is working as a team and accomplishing the tasks together.”

Graduation will be held at the Camp Mabry Auditorium in Building 8 at 1300 HRS on January 17, 2015.

Class 15 is scheduled to begin in January 2015.


Texas State Guard Officer Candidate School Graduates Seven Junior Officers from Class 14


OCS Commander CPT JoAnna Carle displays her gift from Class 14 with graduates Second Lieutenant Roy Lopez (Front) and Second Lieutenant Michael Ross (Back). Photo Credit: Capt. Shawn James
OCS Commander CPT JoAnna Carle displays her gift from Class 14 with graduates Second Lieutenant Roy Lopez (Front) and Second Lieutenant Michael Ross (Back). Photo Credit: Capt. Shawn James

AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas State Guard (TXSG) commissioned seven new junior officers from Officer Candidate School (OCS) Class 14 on 17 January 2015. 

The five-month course, condensed from the original eight-month course, began in September 2014. Throughout the course, candidates completed eighteen graded exams, three Army Physical Fitness Tests, the Air Assault Confidence Course at Camp Swift, and the Leadership Reaction Course at Camp Bullis. The candidates also completed the requirements for the TXSG Professional Military Education (PME) Officer Basic Course, in addition to an estimated 350 hours of off-duty time devoted to OCS preparation and study. 

ENS Walker, the Officer Candidate Platoon Leader during the final month of the course stated, “I had to search deep within myself and continuously push to achieve my goal of becoming an officer.” 

Balancing the rigors of OCS, civilian employment, families, and personal responsibilities creates additional substantial stress for the candidates. The graduation ceremony for Class 14 was equally important to those who supported the candidates during their OCS experience. 

MG Jake Betty, TXSG Commanding General, addressed the graduates during the ceremony and stated, “As you start your career as an officer in the State Guard I encourage you to draw on your past experiences, have high morals, maintain your personal appearance, be fair, be consistent, have the courage to do the right thing, set and maintain high standards, and continue to develop as a leader.” 
Several graduates received recognition for their achievements during the course:

2nd Lt. Samuel Sexton from the Air Component Headquarters received the Colonel Thomas C. Hamilton Distinguished Honor Graduate Award. 2nd Lt. Sexton is the first recipient of the award presented in COL Hamilton’s name.

ENS Richard Bruner of 3rd Battalion (Lima Co) earned the Academic Excellence Award.

2LT Roy Lopez from 1st Regiment (1st BN) ¬¬was awarded the Leadership Excellence Award.

2nd Lt. Stevie McCoy from the 4th AW (482nd ASG) received the Physical Fitness Award.

The additional graduates were 2LT Michael Ross of the 19th Regiment (2nd BN), ENS Scott Runnels from 1st Battalion (Delta Co), and ENS Timothy Walker from 3rd Battalion (Lima Co). 

The TXSG OCS program is designed to develop junior officers for the unique mission of the TXSG. The OCS curriculum includes the instruction, exercises, and experiences needed to develop officer candidates into successful leaders. The next class is scheduled to begin in March 2015. TXSG personnel interested in applying should contact their unit personnel officer for future application information. 


Members of the TXSG OCS Command Staff and Instructor Cadre. Photo Credit: Capt. Shawn James. Top Row (left to right): LT Keith Przybyla, CPT H. Lee Burton, Capt. Christopher Click Bottom Row (left to right): CPT JoAnna Carle, MGySgt(MC) Nichols, COL Thomas Hamilton, MSgt Raymond Winkler, Sgt Patrick Rodriguez
Members of the TXSG OCS Command Staff and Instructor Cadre. Photo Credit: Capt. Shawn James.
Top Row (left to right): LT Keith Przybyla, CPT H. Lee Burton, Capt. Christopher Click
Bottom Row (left to right): CPT JoAnna Carle, MGySgt(MC) Nichols, COL Thomas Hamilton, MSgt Raymond Winkler, Sgt Patrick Rodriguez
TXSG OCS Class 14 Graduates. Photo Credit: Capt. Shawn James Top Row (left to right): 2nd Lt. Samuel Sexton, ENS Timothy Walker, 2LT Michael Ross Bottom Row (left to right): 2LT Roy Lopez, 2nd Lt. Stevie McCoy, ENS Scott Runnels, ENS Richard Bruner
TXSG OCS Class 14 Graduates. Photo Credit: Capt. Shawn James
Top Row (left to right): 2nd Lt. Samuel Sexton, ENS Timothy Walker, 2LT Michael Ross
Bottom Row (left to right): 2LT Roy Lopez, 2nd Lt. Stevie McCoy, ENS Scott Runnels, ENS Richard Bruner

Texas State Guard Kicks off Young Heroes of the Guard Toy Drive

Story by: Capt. Esperanza Meza, PAO – 19th Regt.
Posted: 20-DEC-2014

A few days before Christmas, members of the Texas State Guard deliver donated toys to various children's hospitals in their local areas to bring broad smiles to kids and teens. With a goal to raise 10,000 toys this year the TXSG Chaplains group, with the guidance of TXSG Chaplain (Col.) Douglas Sewell, kicked off the Young Heroes of the Guard Christmas Toy Drive. The intent is to far-surpass last year's donations of 6,644 toys and leave a year's worth of toys behind at every hospital they visit.

In 2009, two Chaplains were initiated a challenge by a TXSG officer creating the Young Heroes of the Guard after a news report aired. The officer saw a report of children suffering in hospitals; families hurting emotionally and struggling financially, with all of them feeling forgotten during the holidays. That first year they focused their attention mainly on collecting toys for Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth. There is perhaps little which is more painful to a child than to be in the hospital during the holidays rather than at home. In the following years, the vision was expanded to include five hospitals statewide; the goal, to include 15-18 more hospitals this year.

Many touching stories have arisen over the years since this effort began. One story, noted by Chaplain (Capt.) David Fish, 4th Regiment, Fort Worth, came from Cpl. Vic Segura, who visited a cancer floor. The report stated, "One kid in particular made all of us in our group break down. We found out later that she loved art. A gift given to her took her to another place, a better place than a hospital and her current condition. Things given to her helped her create art… creating happiness. Immediately she cried when she got her gift. Anyone with a heart would have cried too upon seeing that. Art she created was shown… amazing. Without that gift somebody gave to our cause, we were told that she would have never been able to have it because her family cannot afford items like that."

Such stories and experiences as these have provided abundant motivation as TXSG units across the state this year started early collecting toys by encouraging businesses, schools, churches and organizations to join the effort. Operation Matthew 25, a grassroots organization promoting humanitarian needs, initiated a partnership challenging its members to raise 1000 toys by sending their gifts through

To raise more toys, led by Chaplain Sewell and Staff Sgt. John Gately, the 1st Annual Texas State Guard - Veterans Day Celebration & Toy Drive was held in Frisco, Texas. The message, "Do your duty, take care of your people and get those 10,000 toys," was exclaimed by keynote speaker, Maj. Gen. Jake Betty, Commanding General of the TXSG. Representative Dan Flynn, Texas House Representative, District 2, and Colonel in the Army Component Command of the TXSG, also attended.

Gately, TXSG Headquarters J-6, has been instrumental in coordinating with donation providers and in creating the current TXSG toy drive website, Starting at 19th Regiment in 2010 and then transferring to HQ in Austin, Gately directed his toy drive efforts benefiting Dell Children's Medical Center. "I remember Loxy Passmore, a Child Life assistant. As she was telling me that some toys would be in the hospital's play rooms and given as gifts to young patients, she was looking over the mounds of stuffed bears. She was clearly looking for - or hoping to see - something in particular," said Gately. "We have one little boy here, right now who just loves panda bears. I hope there's a panda in there somewhere,” he recalls her stating. “Moments later, a stuffed panda emerged from the pile. Passmore's eyes lit up. ‘This will mean so much.. All of this,’" stated Gately.

With a personal goal to raise 3,000 toys, Gately fanned out to local businesses setting up donation boxes, partnering with a golf event in Denton and getting a donation from the TXSG non-profit organization for teddy bears. "When I was six years old, I broke my leg. When I got out of the hospital, my parents got me a stuffed teddy bear," said Gately. "I remember how happy it made me. Now I want to help bring the same joy to other children."

Several TXSG soldiers are leading the drive to collect 1000 or more toys on their own like Sgt. James Williams, 2nd Regiment, in Austin, who has collected over 600 toys. Also, Staff Sgt. Rhueben Towne, who serves dual roles with the 447th Air Support Group at Ellington Field JRB in Houston and with 5th Air Wing TXSG as an A6 NCOIC has also raised 730 toys. Additionally, Towne has won the participation of a professional basketball team - the Houston Rockets - with a portion of their ticket proceeds pledged to go towards Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital. Towne is also coordinating with other TXSG components like the Galveston Medical Response Group, for Shriners. "Giving a toy to a child who is not expecting it, during their time in the hospital," said Towne, "is seeing a little joyfulness. It's worth their time (along with his wife) in purchasing and collecting toys."

Texas State Guard 8th Regiment Provides Support to Wings Over Houston

Date: November 1, 2014

By: SSG Malana Nall, PAO - 8th REGT

HOUSTON, TX – Soldiers from the Texas State Guard's 8th Regiment put its skills and training to the test at the 30th Annual Wings Over Houston Air Show. Wings Over Houston is one of the top air shows in the United States in its category and attracts festival goers from throughout Houston and around the globe. This year’s performers featured the US Navy’s Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team which excited the crowd.

This was the 28th time support has been provided to the event and the soldiers were well versed in the needs and requirements of the Texans who attended.  Over 100 soldiers from the Regiment were on hand at Ellington Field to assist members of the Commemorative Air Force, and Houston Police Department with crowd safety and control. Troops manned the flight line in an effort to keep visitors out of the pathway of taxing aircraft, provided gate security, bag inspections and directional crowd control for record crowd of an estimated 95,000 visitors. 1LT Lance Herrington stated; “We were proud to be able to assist so many Texans in enjoying the show and many kids enjoyed our set up to try on military gear and get their picture taken.”  Additionally members of the TXSG Medical Brigade assisted in the treatment of staff and visitors to the air show with medical needs.   Overall over 3500 man hours were provided in what has become one of the biggest events of the year for the regiment.

Photo Credit to: SSG Malana Nall, PAO - 8th REGT   - SPC Mark Renfro receives a high five from a visitor to the 30th Annual Wings Over Houston Air Show.
Photo Credit to: SSG Malana Nall, PAO - 8th REGT   - SPC Mark Renfro receives a high five from a visitor to the 30th Annual Wings Over Houston Air Show. 
Photo Credit to: SSG Malana Nall, PAO - 8th REGT - PV2 Nicholas Ognanovich talks with visitors while keeping them safe from moving aircraft on the flight line of the 30th Annual Wings Over Houston Air Show.
Photo Credit to: SSG Malana Nall, PAO - 8th REGT - PV2 Nicholas Ognanovich talks with visitors while keeping them safe from moving aircraft on the flight line of the 30th Annual Wings Over Houston Air Show.

Texas State Guard Saves Lives During Search for Human Remains

September 26, 2014


AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM) – A special state search team, trained in rescue and recovery operations and ordered by Gov. Rick Perry to assist Brooks County with locating human remains of suspected illegal immigrants, is also saving lives during its mission.

According to the Texas State Guard, during their first search mission of private ranch land on September 19, they found two people showing signs of heat distress and dehydration. They told team members about a woman who was on the property; reportedly near death. The Texas State Guard members immediately began a secondary search for the woman. Once located, the woman, identified later as a Honduran national, was administered lifesaving aid and evacuated by a Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) helicopter for further care. All three, as well as two additional people located in the immediate area, were taken into custody by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

“This state-led effort is aimed at addressing yet another consequence of a border left unsecure by the federal government –fortunately this time it did not end in the loss of life,” Gov. Perry said. “But as long as the federal government refuses to secure our border and end policies that encourage people to risk their lives in an attempt to enter our country illegally, we will continue to see the death toll rise in places like Brooks County.”

Since 2011, at least 332 sets of human remains were recovered in Brooks County alone. While this effort is not part of Operation Strong Safety, the majority of the remains  recovered are suspected to be those of illegal immigrants who died attempting to avoid detection while entering the U.S., or are suspected victims of human smuggling or trafficking by Mexican cartels or their operatives.

“Whether these people are found alive or dead, this is a human tragedy Brooks County has no choice but to address,” Brooks County Sheriff Rey Rodriguez said. “In its very first mission, this state search team has already shown its value in helping our county deal with the issue, and I expect they will discover many more victims during subsequent searches, either deceased or clinging to life.”

“Our priority is meeting our mission, and that is finding victims who did not survive their trek through this hazardous landscape,” Brig. Gen. Patrick Hamilton, Commander-Domestic Operations Task Force, Texas Military Forces. “But any time our service members can use their training to save a life – that is a rewarding outcome.”

“Mexican cartels and transnational gangs continue to exploit private property for drug and human smuggling, and too often, victims are left dead or dying in the elements with little to no hope of survival,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw. “While DPS continues working to secure the border and combat criminal activity, we will also continue to support Brooks County and our state and federal partners on the border.”

When requested by the Brooks County Sheriff’s Office, these specially-trained teams of approximately 20 to 25 personnel will search for human remains in the area. The Texas State Guardsmen conducting the searches are trained in search and rescue/recovery operations, and will utilize a variety of resources, including all-terrain vehicles, cadaver dogs, grid searches and medical support personnel. Security support during these searches will be provided by DPS Troopers or U.S. Border Patrol agents, who will also provide specialized resources for these recovery missions. The Texas Rangers may also provide investigative support for these cases when requested.

During these missions, if the search teams encounter criminal actors or individuals who are suspected to be or admittedly in the country illegally, those individuals will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement officials.

The Governor’s Division of Criminal Justice has previously awarded Brooks County $151,150 in state grant funds to assist with the costs of autopsies and transporting remains to the medical examiner in Laredo. Grant funds have also helped purchase a four-wheel drive SUV for use in accessing remote areas where remains are located, in-car video cameras and computers. Brooks County is in the process of applying for a second grant to help with ongoing costs for remains recovery and autopsies.

Texas State Guard Soldier to Miss Texas USA

Photo of Miss Texas USA

Story by Capt. Esperanza Meza
19th Regt. Public Affairs Office
LAREDO, Texas (September 1, 2014) – As members of the Texas State Guard, soldiers take an oath to serve Texas and often sacrifice a great deal to do so, for TXSG Sgt. Lauren Guzman, she wears two hats for Texas – her ACU patterned patrol cap and a crown.

Guzman was crowned Miss Texas USA 2014 on Sept. 1, 2013, representing the Lone Star State and serving the citizens of Texas as both Sgt. Guzman and as Miss Texas all year. 

"In the community, being a role model with high standards is expected when being in and out of uniform," Guzman said, speaking of the TXSG contributing to her success in the pageants.  "The TXSG taught me to be on time for events, meetings, and how to network, but it also takes a lot of discipline, commitment and self-motivation when there is no monetary compensation involved."

Guzman is currently assigned to 1st Regiment, TXSG, in the operations section in San Antonio and served with the regiment's Quick Reaction Team before it disbanded.  

“We've given her the latitude to attend required Miss Texas USA functions without penalty or adverse perception for not being able to attend scheduled Unit Training Assemblies,” stated State Guard Col. Vincent Carag, 1st Regiment commander. "We, the Soldiers of the 1st Regiment, stand behind her efforts 100 percent."  Guzman agreed, stating the troops and command, her “extended second family,” has been very supportive.

Guzman joined the TXSG in 2007 and holds a bachelor’s degree in forensic science from St. Mary’s University, which she earned while serving in the guard and is looking to the future. 

As her reign comes to an end, she is considering several career options and looking to attend Officer Candidate School.

"She was a soldier before she became Miss Texas USA and I could tell she was a ‘squared away soldier' when I first came on board," said 1st Regiment, Command Sgt. Maj., Mario Zuniga, giving accolades to Guzman.

 "As a leader, she is a coach and mentor and is not afraid to get dirty or ask questions," he said, "and when she won Miss Texas USA, both the colonel and I thought she'd be a great spokesperson and recruiter for the TXSG." 

A pageant veteran, Guzman started in 2005, where she won the Miss Laredo Top Model Pageant. In 2006, she was first runner-up in the Miss Laredo Teen USA but claimed the title in 2008.  Persevering, she competed for Miss Texas USA, being third runner-up in 2011, first runner-up in 2012 and fourth runner-up in 2013 before winning the title in 2014.  
Guzman followed her father’s and grandfather's footsteps into the TXSG.  Both served several years with 1st Regiment; her father, a major in the medical corps, and her grandfather, an education professor posthumously promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Guzman looks to her family for inspiration to do well and set an example for others. 

“My mom has always been there and pushed me to do well while I also try to do right to be a role model for my sister,” she said.

As Miss Texas USA, Guzman traveled throughout the state and nation addressing issues such as breast and ovarian cancer awareness, attended charity events, parades and visited hospitals and schools to help educate children regarding the dangers of drugs and the importance of education. She also volunteers with numerous non-profit organizations on top of her work with the Guard.

As Guzman relinquishes her crown to the next Miss Texas USA, she leaves us with this advice.

"If you have a goal, push for it and ask yourself why you want it,” said Guzman. 

“Keep your head up till you achieve what you want and accomplish it. I kept competing until I won Miss Texas USA.”

Gov. Perry Appoints Brigadier General Betty as Commander of Texas State Guard

Posted: 20-AUG-14

Gov. Rick Perry has appointed Brigadier General Gerald "Jake" Betty as Commander of the Texas State Guard effective Sept. 1, 2014 for a term to expire at the pleasure of the governor. The commander of the Texas State Guard is responsible for the organization, training and administration of the Texas State Guard, and reports to the Texas Adjutant General.

Betty is Brigadier General of the Texas State Guard Army Component Command. He is a member of the American Legion, Association of Former Students of Texas A&M, Corps of Cadets Association and the Association of Former Yell Leaders. He served in the U.S. Army and U.S. Army Reserve.

Betty received a bachelor's degree and master's degree in education administration from Texas A&M University.

2BN, 8th Regiment Changing of Command and Enlistment Promotions

Posted: 19-AUG-2014

MAJ Britton presents LTC Krueger with the Cavalry Saber from the 2nd Bn. Photographed by SPC Hays, 2nd Bn., 8th Regt. 16 AUG 2014
MAJ Britton presents LTC Krueger with the Cavalry Saber from the 2nd Bn. Photographed by SPC Hays, 2nd Bn., 8th Regt. 16 AUG 2014

It was already turning out to be a warm and humid Saturday even in the early hour of only seven-thirty in the morning. After pulling into the parking lot at the Bryan Armory several soldiers from Second Battalion were greeting each-other with warm handshakes and friendly banter. A steady stream of soldiers continued to arrive and, now numbering in the dozens, file into the classrooms inside the armory for company time. Once there the battalion companies briefly split into separate groups to review the process for the Second Battalion change of command ceremony and the promotion of four of the battalions enlisted personnel. After briefing the personnel verbally the companies rehearsed the Drill and Ceremony movements and functions before the ceremony itself took place in the vehicle bay of the armory.

The first round of ceremonies consisted of the promotion of four enlisted personnel in the Second Battalion from within Company A, and in the Second Battalion staff. Sergeant Gore, the Second Battalion S3 NCO, was promoted to Staff Sergeant, and Specialist Zelaya of Company A was promoted to Sergeant, and Privates First Class Manning and Hall, also of Company A, were promoted to Corporal and Specialist respectively. These enlisted men of the Second Battalion have demonstrated the dedication and competency of leadership necessary to be entrusted with greater responsibility and recognition deserving of promotion within the ranks. We look forward to their promising careers within the Texas State Guard and the Second Battalion.

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and the ceremony of the change of command of the Second Battalion resulted in the prestigious promotion of responsibility for one Major (MAJ) Britton to the role of commanding officer of the battalion, and the bittersweet loss of the outgoing commander of Second Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Krueger. LTC Krueger, having inherited the Second Battalion from LTC Manning upon his retirement, set about creating the framework for a more consistent and quality focused training scheme for the soldiers of the Second Battalion. After working tirelessly with the Second Battalion for several years LTC Krueger has helped bring about many changes and improvements to the organization, efficiency, and quality of the personnel and training drills conducted by the Second Battalion.

As testament to LTC Krueger’s humility and exemplary leadership while in command he stressed in his farewell speech that his successes are not his own, but a result of the collective effort of each and every soldier in the unit. Each drill that saw an increase in the number of attending soldiers, every successful training mission undertaken by the unit, and the exemplary professionalism displayed at every Annual Training exercise is as much a reflection of the discipline of the men and women of the rank-and-file of Second Battalion as it is the quality of leadership from Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers alike. With Colonel Grantham, the Commanding Officer of the Eighth Regiment, presiding over the change of command, and with General Jake Betty in attendance, the mantle of responsibility for Second Battalion was passed to MAJ Britton.

Incoming commander of the Second Battalion, MAJ Britton, gave a short speech emphasizing that he will continue to build on the success of those before him, and presented the outgoing commander with a parting gift from the soldiers of the unit: A Cavalry Saber etched with the insignia of the Eighth Regiment shield, and the words “Texas State Guard” with a wooden display stand and an attached plaque inscribed with the name of LTC Krueger, the date and the purpose of the occasion for which it was presented. In the closing statements of the ceremony MAJ Britton wished LTC Krueger the best in his endeavors as he transfers to Texas State Guard Command Headquarters to continue doing greater and better things for the TXSG. LTC Krueger, we soldiers of the Second Battalion thank you for your dedication to us and for your service rendered thus far to our great State of Texas. You shall be sorely missed.