Texas National Guard Aid in Stash House Raid

Soldiers standby while Border Patrol agents process detaineesLAREDO, Texas – Texas National Guard Soldiers, along with law enforcement partners, apprehended seventeen individuals located in a known illegal migrant stash house this week that lacked running water, restrooms and limited power according to the personnel on the operation.

The operation stemmed from an anonymous tip from the Crime Stoppers Program in the Laredo area. The information provided described a vacant house believed to be sheltering a large group of illegal aliens. Guard Soldiers assigned to Operation Lone Star collaborated with local and state law enforcement to respond the morning of August 30.

“The house was very small and living conditions were bad,” said Sgt. 1st Class Vasquez, Platoon Sergeant for Alpha Company’s second platoon. “There were signs that the group was one of many utilizing the house in recent days.”

The Guard established a perimeter around the house and property to allow law enforcement to approach the residence. Several individuals tried to flee from the back door but were stopped upon seeing the Soldiers positioned in the streets. The individuals were detained immediately by law enforcement officials and the area was secured.

The Guard has referred over 613,000 illegal migrants and criminal elements to law enforcement partners since the beginning of Operation Lone Star in March 2021. Illegal migrant and criminal referrals include surrenders as well as interdictions to apprehend. Law enforcement partners instruct Soldiers in apprehending illegal activity thus multiplying manpower to prevent, deter and interdict border crossings.Soldiers stand outside a house at night

“Our law enforcement partners have told us we are a force multiplier here in Laredo and without us their job would be much more difficult,” said Vasquez.

The Texas National Guard, in conjunction with law enforcement partners, is dedicated to preventing illegal migrant crossings from Mexico to the US and stopping cross-border illicit narcotics trafficking.