There are two paths: 

  • Standard-Joint Duty Assignment (S-JDA) Path 
  • Experience-Joint Duty Assignment (E-JDA) Path

The common requirement is that the appropriate level of Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) must be completed in order to achieve joint qualification.

Experience (Self Nomination) (E-JDA). National Guard officers (O-1 and above) can self-nominate completed experiences online to receive joint experience points. The nominating individual must provide proper documentation that supports their experiential joint assignments. Valid supporting documentation includes: DD 214, orders, individual awards (include narratives, DA 638s/orders), OERs/OPRs, final adjudicated travel vouchers, and Leave and Earning Statements (LES). A completed experience must have a definitive start and stop date. Officers cannot self-nominate for currently assigned positions. Officers have 12 months (1 year) to complete a self-nomination packet. 

Discretionary Points: While the JQS mandates minimum educational requirements in Joint Professional Military Education (JPME), the JQS allows for some points to be awarded for additional JCS/J7 approved education, training, and exercises. These are called discretionary points. Only 12 points allowed

JPME Training Opportunities Approved Joint Exercise Reports
Master List of Certified Courses Approved FY18 Joint Exercise Report
FY18 JPME Training Opportunities Approved FY17 Joint Exercise Report
FY18 JPME MEMO Approved FY02-FY16 Joint Exercise Report


Standard Joint Duty Assignment List (S-JDA). This path to a JQO designation requires an officer (O-4 & above) to complete a three (3) year assignment in a full-time Joint Duty Assignment List (JDAL) position or six (6) years in a part-time JDAL position. These types of positions are typically located in COCOM HQs, JS, OSD and Defense Agencies Headquarters. The officer must also complete Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) Phase I & II, or Advanced Joint Professional Military Education (AJPME). Once the time and education requisites are complete, the officer may be nominated by their service for the award of the JQO designation. OSD is the approving authority for JQO designations.  Texas Military Department has requested four JDAL positions to be placed within the JFHQs.