Credentialing Assistance Program

The Army Credentialing Assistance (CA) program provides funding for courses and exams leading to an industry-recognized academic or vocational credential. Soldiers can choose from over 1600 credentials listed in Army COOL. Credentials do not have to be linked to the Soldier's MOS!

       Credentialing Assistance Application Procedures:

  1. Schedule an appointment (telephone or in-person) with a TXARNG Education Counselor: IAW with the CA policy, an Army Education Counselor will assist you with developing a credentialing plan and review your CA application packet before submission. Request Appointment: or (512) 782-5515 Monday-Friday 0800-1600
  2. Review Credentialing Application Checklist: This document provides the required steps to complete the application process. 
  3. Complete the Credentialing Assistance Plan: The CA plan is required for each course and/or exam. 
  4. Read and sign the Credentialing Assistance SOU: The CA Statement of Understanding (SOU) is required with each CA course and exam.

Frequently Requested Forms:

 Exam Preparation and Training: Explore exam training and prep options

 Change Home School/Degree Plan to CA Program: Select credential pathway/school

 How to submit Help Desk Ticket: Steps on how to submit completed application

 Directory of FREE Credentialing Courses: eArmy Learning course directory

 FREE Credentialing Courses Quick Start Guide: eArmy Learning exam prep/training

 CA Policy: Learn more about the Army Credentialing Assistance Program

Click to read the new CA policy here

CA provides up to $4,000/per FY to complete as many credentials as desired.

Soldiers may use both Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) and Credentialing Assistance (CA); however, the combined usage shall not exceed $4,000 per FY.

CA can be used for any credential listed on Army COOL:

CA will pay expenses for classroom, hands-on, online/blended training and associated materials to include: manuals, study guides, textbooks, processing fees, test fees, related fees for continuing education requirements, and recertification of credentials.

Soldiers may request reimbursement from VA using their GI Bill benefits to pay for exams only. o Important! Soldiers may only request reimbursement from VA if CA is not used to pay for the exam. The combined use of CA and VA benefits to pay for an exam is a duplication of benefits and is subject to recoupment.

Credentialing Assistance provides funding for courses, training and/or exams leading to an industry-recognized academic or vocational credential. 

  • Soldiers may combine Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) and Army Credentialing Assistance (CA); however, the combined usage shall not exceed $4000 per Fiscal Year (FY).
  • Credentialing Assistance is not authorized for mandated MOS related credentials.
  • Credentialing Assistance will pay for credentialing (certification and recertification) related expense such as:
    • Manuals
    • Study guides
    • Textbooks
    • Processing Fees
    • Exam fees
    • Training

Army eLearning: Use Army eLearning and Save Money
Army eLearning offers over 3,500 web-based courses in Information Technology, Business, Leadership and Personal Development to include many of the credentials offered for the Limited User Test (LUT).  Visit Army eLearning and download your study guide at no charge then use Credentialing Assistance to pay for your exam! Army eLearning Courses:

  • Six Sigma Green, Black, and Yellow Certification
  • Project Management (CAPM and PMP)
  • Human Resource Certifications (PHR, SPHR, SHRM)
  • COMP TIA, ADOBE, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Cisco
  • Free Test Prep
  • and More!

Download Army eLearning Instructions


All Credentialing  Assistance (CA) requests are processed through GoArmyEd (GAE).   You may setup or update your GoArmyEd account from any internet ready computer (Common Access Card not required). Follow step (2) below to create your GoArmyEd Account.

Step 1 : Request a counseling appointment (phone/in-person) with a TXARNG Education Counselor

Schedule an appointment (telephone or in-person) with a TXARNG Education Counselor: IAW with the CA policy, an Army Education Counselor with assist you with developing a credentialing plan and review your application packet before submission. Request Appointment:

Step 2: Set-up GoArmyEd Account at

  • Log in to using your username and password or your Common Access Card (CAC)
  • Select “Create/Activate Account”
  • Complete the required information
  • Select the “Request TA Access” smart link; GAE will perform an automatic verification of FTA eligibility 
  • View the “Welcome to VIA” video 
  • Select a career goal
  • Select the Credentialing Assistance Degree Plan:  "Credential School”
  • Select the Credentialing Assistance Home School: "Credentialing Pathway"
  • Submit the request for approval; an Army Education Counselor will activate your FTA-eligible access to GoArmyEd 
  • A counselor will email you when your request has been approved and you are eligible to request CA

Download instructions on how to select the CA homeschool and degree plan in GoArmyEd

Step 3: Download your Credentialing Assistance application forms (CA main page)

Tip: Is your GoArmyEd account on hold? Visit the GoArmyEd Assistance Center for steps on how to resolve your hold. 

Q: When can I start applying for the Credentialing Assistance Program?

A: TXARNG Soldiers may begin submitting CA applications in October 2018.  

Q: Will I incur an Active Duty or Reserve Duty Service Obligation (ADSO/RDS)?

A: Officers will incur 2/4 year service obligation (SO) depending on status; will not incur SO for testing/ recertification

Q: I am currently using Federal TA (FTA).  May I combine Federal TA and CA?

A: Yes. Soldiers are authorized to combine FTA and CA not to exceed $4000/FY for combined use.

Q: Does Federal TA pay for books and fees since Credentialing Assistance pays for books and fees?

A: No. Under current policy, Federal TA may only be used toward tuition (no fees/books).  Credentialing Assistance may be used toward the cost of the credentialing courses, exams, and credentialing related books, fees, study guides, etc. 


Download these presentations from approved training providers to learn more about credentials and how you can complete them.

Project Management Professional (PMP)- University of Texas at Austin, Mr. David Berlad

CompTIA- Netcom Learning, Teresa Everhart and Diana Edwards

USPA A License (skydiving)- SkyDive Temple, Scott and Anthony Maschek

EMT License- EMTS Academy, Matt Nealand

Private Pilot License- Kachemak Bay Flying Service, Gary Chambless