Camp Swift

Welcome to Camp Swift. This will serve as your Units welcome letter to identify most of your day one needs and frequently asked questions regarding: Housing, Ammo, Ranges and Training land. Coordination for requests, of any kind, MUST be made prior to arrival. Business hours are: 0730-1630.


Unit should bring their own range box, in the event that you don’t have it, Camp Swift Range Control will provide:

  • Staplers/staples
  • Clearing rods
  • Shooting blocks
  • Bullhorn
  • Targets: paper or automated (need personnel count)
  • Target frames


Units will draw, from Range Control:

  • Range binder (units will need to bring their own TC and TM for the applicable range)
  • Keys for the tower, ammo shed, and latrine on the range
  • One radio per range (automated ranges have radios in the tower)

Range references:

  • AR 385-63
  • DA PAM 385-63
  • NGR 385-63
  • ATP 5-19
  • AR 350-19
  • AR 75-1
  • DA PAM 385-30

TC references (units will need to bring their own TC):

  • 3-20.40 Training and Qualification – Individual Weapons
  • 3-22.9 Rifle and Carbine
  • 3-23.35 Pistol
  • 3-22.249 Light Machine Gun
  • 3-22.240 Medium Machine Gun
  • 3-22.50 Heavy Machine Gun
  • 3-22.19 Grenade Machine Gun
  • 3-22.31 40 MM Grenade Launchers


  • Before a brief is scheduled the unit will need a signed memo from the Battalion Commander with assigned personnel.
  • ROPD 4A will be completed by individuals from the unit.
  • The range OIC/RSO memo, DD 2977, and ROPDs will be submitted 30 days prior to unit arrival.
  • Once the memo, DD 2977, and ROPDs are submitted and verified, Range Control will schedule a time for the brief (0900 or 1300, preferred M-TH, Friday briefs will be case by case basis)


Below are the OIC/RSO memo procedures as well, ammo and EST instructions.

1. OIC/RSO memorandum needs to be signed by the acting Battalion Commander.
    a. OIC – small arms – E-6 and above, RSO – small arms – E-5 and above.
    b. OIC – grenade (launchers) or demo – E-7 above, RSO – grenade (launchers) or demo – E-6 and above
    c. If the OIC/RSO meets all requirements, then annotate as such:
        i.  E-7 – OIC/RSO (both) on memorandum.
        ii. 0-1 – OIC/RSO (both) on memorandum.
    d. No more than 24 personnel per day, no more than 12 personnel per brief.
    e. Briefs are done M-F at 0900 or 1300, if the unit is running behind NLT 1530.
    f. Do not put the entire unit on the OIC/RSO memorandum, only personnel that will be attending.
    g. NCOIC is not a requirement, do not annotate on the memorandum. 
    h. Units must annotate names, ranks, positions, and appropriate weapon systems on the memo, FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE.
2. DD2977 DRA needs to be signed by the appropriate risk level commander.
    a. LOW – Company Commander.
    b. MEDIUM – Battalion Commander.
3. 30 days out, the memorandum and DD2977 need to be sent to Range Control to be proofed.
4. Once approved, Range Control will schedule a Range Safety Brief (RSB) for the unit via a calendar email invite. 
5. The RSB should be done within a week of the ranges going hot to ensure information is retained.
6. ROPD 4A (Range Operations Professional Development) course certificates will be submitted with the OIC/RSO memo and risk assessment. If you do not have a ROPD-4A certificate do not annotate the name on the memo. Units need to ensure they send the overall certificate and not the modules certificate for each individual.
7. Once the brief has concluded, the names will be put into RFMSS and will be valid for one year. 



  • Before picking up ammo at Camp Swift please confirm the following:
  • Re-check your TAMIS request or contact USPFO directly at 512-782-5001 **7825180 (SFC Garcia Higinio) to confirm status of document clearance.
  • Schedule a draw time/ turn in time via email with,
  • Unit will have a licensed driver and alternate driver to pick up ammo. They must be hazmat certified (ammo 67). ** see 49 CFR172 and AR600-55.
  • It is recommended for units to forward the DD form 1902 ahead of time in order to expedite your draw
  • The ammunition and explosive handler must be certified within 2 years
  • Off post ammunition requires inspection, please contact Range Control.


Certified Operators

  •  EST operators must attend an EST class given by Rich Rosa
  •  Certificates will be submitted to Range Control in order to draw the EST II keys and building
  •  No exceptions!

Camp Swift EST II is a two, 10 lane system

  • Light side – M4/16, M9, M320, M4/320, and M1200 Shotgun
  • Heavy side – MK-19, M2, M240, M249, AT-4
  • New army IWQ can be run on both sides
  • NO live weapons are allowed in the EST II building
  • Units must coordinate with Range Control, prior to unit arrival, to draw keys

Engagement Skills Trainer II (EST II)

  • All current card holding EST operators are void unless a class was given by the TADSS instructors
  • Instructors are:

The unit must be in the system (TS-MATS) or bring their certificate to draw the EST II keys.

NO exceptions



EVERY person on the memo needs to show up and no add-ons allowed without the BC’s approval and signature.


Rank Requirement


Memo 2