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Gifts for the Troops

Posted: 30 Nov 13

Military troops overseas are going to receive some very special Christmas gifts thanks to service groups from Grapevine.

This is the 4th annual care package drive and it was created by specialist Colin O'Brien from the Texas state guard. The group had 1 box the first year, 74 last year and this year it's more than doubled to 188 packages full of snacks, chocolates, pencils, Christmas cards, hygiene products and much more.

"We're not forgetting about the troops overseas sacrificing what they're doing for us so this is our little way of giving them a little piece of home saying you're not forgotten and Merry Christmas," said Spc O'Brien

This year the Grapevine Elks, The Senior Citizens Center, The Odd Fellows and the Masonic Lodge all donated items and money to cover shipping costs.

Thanksgiving Day 2013

Thanksgiving Day is a truly unique American holiday that brings all of us together, regardless of our many faiths and cultural backgrounds. Traditionally, we gather with family and friends to reflect on the year past, and give thanks for the blessings and freedoms we enjoy as Americans. It is a time when we stop for a moment from our busy schedules and share food, family, and fellowship.

I am very thankful for each of you--Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and family members.

I am also thankful to our friends and partners in the Texas Military Department, Texas Army and Air National Guard, Texas Department of Emergency Management, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Department of State Health Services and the Texas Department of Public Safety among our other friends and partners for the hospitality and warm reception they have provided the State Guard as an organization.

I also encourage you to take the time today to reflect on those things that you and your families are thankful for. Take care and all the best. Happy Thanksgiving!

M.A. Rodriguez
Major General (TX)

4th Regiment - Texas State Guard Soldier Leads Color Guard at 2013 George W. Bush Tournament


Story by: CW2 Janet Schmelzer, PAO, 4th Regiment
Posted: 26-OCT-13

Photo of Color Guard
SGT Edward Thomas honored
to present the Colors

IRVING, TX—Texas State Guard (TXSG) SGT Edward Thomas, 4th Regiment, led the Joint Services Color Guard at the George W. Bush Warrior Open Tournament at Las Colinas Country Club, Irving, Texas, on September 27-28, 2013.   SGT Thomas represented the Texas State Guard in the Joint Services Color Guard along with soldiers of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

SGT Thomas is a member of the 2nd Battalion, 4th Regiment Color Guard.   The 2nd Battalion Color Guard, known for its precision, has presented the Colors at numerous TXSG and community events throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and other parts of the state.  Having trained with the Joint Services Color Guard previously, SGT Thomas was asked to perform the National Colors position. 

After each Colors presentation, President George W. Bush shook hands with each member of the Color Guard. 

“I am humbled by these experiences,”  commented SGT Thomas, “and I know in my heart that I hold in me what the 4th Regiment encompasses--HONOR AND DUTY.”   “I cherish and appreciate these moments more than words can say, because I know my fellow soldiers are all with me.”

The Military Service Initiative program of the George W. Bush Institute in Dallas, Texas, honors the courage and sacrifice of United States military personnel and their families.   The Warrior Open is a two-day, 36-hole golf tournament for military personnel wounded in the war against terrorism.

Taylor, Texas - Everyone remembers where they were

LTC Cendy Antley, PAO, TXSG 2nd Regiment

Photo of NYFD FiretruckTAYLOR, Texas – Everyone remembers where they were on certain days in history. September 11, 2001 is no different. Twelve years later, three soldiers from the Texas State Guard answered the call to participate in a special event.

CPL Timothy Godwin, SFC D. DeWayne Philpott (shown walking beside Rescue 4) and 1LT Henry Burton with the 2nd Regiment, and 3rd Battalion participated in the annual Patriot Day Parade remembering those who lost their lives on 9/11. They were honored by being asked to walk alongside the only surviving NYFD fire truck from ground zero on that fateful day. NYFD Rescue 4 was one of the emergency vehicles initially responding to the disaster and was later pieced together from other trucks which were at the scene. The truck travels the country in honor of the precious lives lost.

These soldiers responded to this event with little notice and left with an abundance of honor and pride.

Brigadier General and Deputy Assistant Adjutant General Texas Army National Guard

Posted on: 28-Sept-13

Photo of EventBrigadier General and Deputy Assistant Adjutant General Texas Army National Guard Orlando Salinas presented Petty Officer First Class Eva Joy Evans, Content Specialist with the Professional Military Education team and Adjunct Instructor Captain Ryan O'Connor with his command coin in honor of their outstanding service to the State of Texas, Texas Military Forces and the Texas State Guard today in a ceremony at Camp Mabry.  LTC Kathryn Allen, officer in charge of professional education stated, "these two members of my team distinguished themselves with hard work and professional excellence and they much deserved the recognition."

4th Regiment BOT Conducts Land Navigation Training

Story by: CW2 Janet Schmelzer, 4th Regiment Public Affairs Officer

Posted: 22-SEP-13

FORT WORTH, TX--During the second phase of the 4th Regiment Basic Orientation Training, soldiers from the 4th and 19th Regiments and the DFW-TMB experienced hands-on training for the skills required for Land Navigation near Lake Worth on Saturday, September 21, 2013.

Team One with Instructor SGT Michael Corso included from the 4th Regiment PV2 David Anderson and PV2 Daniel Winchester and from the 19th Regiment PV2 Armando Rizo and PV2 Bradley Abell. Team Two with Instructor SGT Dennis Burks included from the 4th Regiment PFC John Gugel and 19th Regiment PFC Samuel Pettyjohn, PFC Ronny Bannister, and PFC Hunter Becker. Team Three with Instructor SGT Martin Joseph included 4th Regiment PFC Anthony Rose, DFW-TMB 2LT Jonathan Fisk, and 19th Regiment PFC James Coburn.

Following classroom instruction on Land Navigation, each team proceeded to the field exercise. Each team received the coordinates for their first targets. The soldiers plotted their course using the tools of Land Navigation-- compass, maps, pencils, and protractor. Then they moved in the direction of the first target through tall grasses, heavy brush and cactus. Each team received coordinates for 4 additional targets over a two-kilometer course. The teams also practiced radio communications with the command post to confirm arrival at each target and receive new coordinates for the next target.

Team One. Photo by CW2 Janet Schmelzer, Public Affairs Officer, 4th Regiment
Team One. Photo by CW2 Janet Schmelzer, Public Affairs Officer, 4th Regiment
Team Two. Photo by CW2 Janet Schmelzer, Public Affairs Officer, 4th Regiment
Team Two. Photo by CW2 Janet Schmelzer, Public Affairs Officer, 4th Regiment
Team Three. Photo by CW2 Janet Schmelzer, Public Affairs Officer, 4th Regiment
Team Three. Photo by CW2 Janet Schmelzer, Public Affairs Officer, 4th Regiment


Austin-Governor Rick Perry has reappointed Major General (TX) Manuel 'Tony' Rodriguez

Posted on: 03-Sept-13

Austin-Governor Rick Perry has reappointed Major General (TX) Manuel 'Tony' Rodriguez to the position of Commander, Texas State Guard effective 01 Sept 2013.  In speaking of the reappointment, Major General Rodriguez said, "I am honored that the Governor and General Nichols have confidence in my leadership and I am pleased to be able to continue to serve with the soldiers, airman and maritime members of the Texas State Guard which I believe are the finest State Defense Force in the Nation." 

This is Major General Rodriguez's second one year term as Commander of the Texas State Guard and follows a distinguished career in the United States Army.  MG Rodriguez is a graduate of the US Army Airborne School, the US Army Air Assault School, the Armor Officer Basic Course (Cavalry track), the Military Intelligence Officer's Advanced Course, the US Army Combined Arms and Services Staff School, the US Army Command & General Staff Officer School, and US Army School of Advanced Military Studies. His civilian education includes a Bachelor of Science in History, a Master’s degree in Military Arts and Sciences and a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

The Texas State Guard is one of three components of the Texas Military Forces (TXMF), operating under the command of the Adjutant General of Texas and the Governor as Commander-in-Chief of all state military forces. The TXMF includes the Texas Army National Guard, the Texas State Guard and the Texas Air National Guard.

19th Regiment(CA) recently honored the Service

Posted on: 29-Aug-13
Photo of GroupThe 19th Regiment(CA) recently honored the Service, Leadership and Dedication of LTC Barry Hobbs their Executive Officer and CSM Mike Burtenshaw their Regimental CSM in a Service in Dallas with a presentation of swords for a job well done and as fine examples of Texans helping Texans.

SGT John Gately instructing a class at Camp Mabry

Posted on: 24-Aug-2013

SGT John Gately instructing a class at Camp Mabry during August drill, on how administrate the new TXSG website. Units will be working to establish new websites for their components and units and more information will be available soon.

Photo of SGT Gately presenting the new websitePhoto of class