Texas Military Department Web Team

John J Gately - Webmaster / Programmer V

John J Gately

Webmaster / Programmer V

Starting as a teenager clacking away on his Commodore VIC20, John has always had a strong interest in technology. In 1990 John founded a company that allowed law enforcement to locate stolen property by connecting agencies across the country using dialup internet and custom-made software. He later created the first-ever connected jail system software.  He sold those companies and went to work for SECURUS Technologies in Dallas, TX.  After his departure from SECURUS, he helped create new technology that was awarded a patent by the USPTO.  In 2010, John joined the Texas State Guard. Currently a Sergeant First Class, John serves as the NCOIC for the T6 shop where he has led a team of officers and enlisted to win three Best of Texas Awards for creating new technologies, at no cost to the public.  In 2014 John became the Texas Military Webmaster. As part of this position, he also created the Texas Military Department App and on a dare, TMDTV, which can be found on Roku and Amazon Fire. Currently, John enjoys beating Orrin Spence in basketball daily. (2020 I tried but... No go).

Orrin Spence - WebMaster / Programmer IV

Orrin Spence

WebMaster / Programmer IV

In 2009, Staff Sergeant Spence, Orrin joined the U.S. Army as a 92A (Automated Logistics Specialist) stationed in Texas. Orrin did four years of active duty with a deployment to Iraq. In 2013 he left active duty and joined the Texas National Guard being stationed in San Antonio for one year then moved to San Marcos. In 2015 Orrin started working for the Texas Comptroller as a programmer where he worked on IBM mainframes to ensure taxes were handled correctly. In 2015, Orrin reclassed to 25B (Information Technology) stationed in Round Rock where he worked on setting up communication systems for missions. After a year and a half, he moved to Fort Hood to work with the 136th Regional Training Institute (RTI) where he works on setting up the IT for classrooms for reclassing soldiers. Orrin Left the Comptroller in 2016 to join the Texas Military Department family to work for Public Affairs office where he works on the Award-winning TMD website. Also, the web team has created TMDAPP, TMDTV on the platform for Roku and Amazon Fire. Currently, Orrin enjoys beating John Gately in basketball daily. (2016 Winner, 2017 Winner, 2018 Winner, 2019 Winner)

Laura Lopez - Program Manager

Laura Lopez

Program Manager

Laura currently serves as a Program Manager for the Texas Military Department and has worked with the organization since 2010. During her time with the TMD, she has served in various roles within the state public affairs office, to include the Deputy Public Affairs Officer. Laura is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism. She also has a Masters of Art in Public Relations from Kent State University