Listed below are U.S. Maritime Service Decorations authorized for wear by Air Force members. If Air Force members wear more than one United States Nonmilitary Decorations, arrange in order of acceptance. If member wears two or more from the same agency, that specific agency decides the precedence. Do not wear these decorations unless Airmen wear US military decorations and service medals. Ribbons must be the same size as Air Force ribbons. Wear only those decoration and ribbons awarded by federal agencies and earned while in military service. (AFI 36-2903 paragraph 11.5.44.)

Distinguished Service Medal

The Merchant Marine Distinguished Service Medal is awarded to any Seaman in the U.S. Merchant Marine who, on or after September 3, 1939, has distinguished himself during the war by outstanding conduct or service in the line of duty. Not more than one medal shall be issued to any one seaman, but for each succeeding instance sufficient to justify the award of a medal, there will be awarded a suitable insignia to be worn with the medal.

Meritorious Service Medal

The Merchant Marine Meritorious Service Medal is awarded to Seamen of any ship operated by or for the War Shipping Administration who is commended by the Administrator for conduct or service of a meritorious nature, but not sufficient to warrant the Distinguished Service Medal.

Mariner’s Medal

The Mariner’s Medal is awarded to any seaman who while serving in a ship during the war period is wounded, suffers physical injury, or suffers through dangerous exposure as a result of an act of enemy of the United States. In the event any such seaman dies from the wounds or injuries before the award can be made to him, the medal may he presented to the person named in the War Risk Policy as his beneficiary.