Texas needs strong professional leaders to keep our communities safe. Whether we are responding to hurricanes, floods, or a myriad of other disasters, the Texas State Guard (TXSG) is on the front lines of protecting Texas, and we depend on strong leaders: our commissioned line officers. Rising through the ranks, commissioned officers become managers and problem solvers. They maintain a commitment to excellence, make critical decisions, and lead every mission. And the place where they're made is Officer Candidate School.

The TXSG is a reserve component of the Texas Military Department (TMD). Without a prior federal commission, the only pathway to becoming a TXSG line officer is by application, completion, and graduation from the TXSG Officer Candidate School (OCS). 

OCS is a physically and mentally challenging course designed to transform civilian professionals into strong, effective, military leaders. OCS is an intense leadership training ground. Those who are accepted -- and make it through -- agree it's one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Whether you're a civilian or have prior non-commissioned military experience, OCS will transform you into an effective and productive leader.

OCS is a 6-month course, usually from August - January, producing one class each year. Candidates attend training one long weekend each month (Thursday - Sunday)

  • Reception Weekend
    • A screening and evaluating weekend at Camp Mabry, where the class is formed
  • Phase I
    • An online learning phase
  • Phase II
    • In-residence training at Fort Hood, Camp Swift, and Camp Maxey
  • Graduation
    • Camp Mabry (Austin)

The CRP is designed to help civilians with little to no military experience acclimate to and prepare for the rigors of TXSG Officer Candidate School (OCS) and induction into the Texas State Guard. 

For civilians interested in becoming an officer, the TXSG offers an OCS preparatory program for anyone who enlists with the desire to go directly into OCS for the next available class. The Civilian Readiness Program (CRP) is conducted one drill weekend per month and requires the following:

  • Once accepted into CRP attendance is mandatory
  • Ability to drill in Austin at Camp Mabry one weekend per month
  • Must be able to complete a physical fitness test during each training weekend

 The CRP course of instruction focuses on:

  • Basic military instruction in:
    • Military rank recognition
    • Military courtesies and customs
    • Wear and appearance of the uniform
    • Drill and ceremony (dismounted drill)
    • Unit organization and structure
  • Health and nutrition
  • Preparing for the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT)
  • Mental Toughness/Resilience training
  • Various other areas of instruction designed to prepare you for OCS

Attending CRP does not guarantee acceptance into the Officer Candidate Course. CRP provides trainees with learning and training opportunities that will dramatically increase their odds of success at OCS.

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