TXSG Changes Command - Tony Rodriguez will take command from Raymond Peters

TXSG Changes Command - Tony Rodriguez will take command from Raymond Peters
MAJ Michael Quinn Sullivan, PAO, TXSG
AUSTIN, Texas – A new commanding general for the Texas State Guard was announced today by the Adjutant General of Texas Military Forces. The official change of command ceremony is slated for August 18, 2012.

Maj. Gen. John F. Nichols announced today that Brig. Gen. Manuel "Tony" Rodriguez will take command upon the retirement of Maj. Gen. Raymond Peters, who has commanded the TXSG since July 2009.

More than 2,200 men and women actively service in the Texas State Guard, divided into four operational components: Army, Air, Maritime and Medical. The TXSG is organized under the authority of the Texas Military Forces, which includes the Army National Guard and Air National Guard.

"After 40 years serving our nation and state -- in the regular Army, the National Guard and the Texas State Guard -- Raymond Peters has distinguished himself in war and peace," said Nichols. "Under his leadership, the Texas State Guard has become an intregal part of the Texas Military Forces mission and critical to the safety of the people of the Lone Star State."

Peters was commissioned as a 2nd Lt. in the US Army in 1965. Upon retirement from the Texas National Guard in 1997, he became chief of staff and director of the Texas State Guard.

Also retired from the United States Army, Rodriguez was introduced to the Texas State Guard by a friend as a way to give back to his adopted home state.

“I couldn’t believe what I saw,” said Rodriguez of his first visit to a training weekend. “The men and women serving in the state guard ask for nothing, but give a whole lot to Texas, and want to do the right thing. I had to be a part of that.”

Rodriguez joined the TXSG in March 2006, serving first as commander of the 2nd Civil Affairs Regiment, and later as the headquarters personnel officer. He is currently the TXSG Deputy Commander in charge of the Army Component.

Rodriguez was commissioned in 1983 upon graduation from the University of Southern Mississippi, and first posted at Fort Hood. During his career, Rodriguez served in Germany, Kuwait, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq, among other assignments. Ending his career as an Army Strategist, he retired from active duty in 2005. He and his wife own a ranch outside Fort Hood. He has three children and a granddaughter.

Rodriguez said he was honored to take command from Peters, and humbled by the trust placed in him by Gen. Nichols and the civilian leadership of Texas.

“Gen. Peters is a model of selfless service, both to the people of Texas and the soldiers under his command,” said Rodriguez. “Every soldier in the state guard, including me, looks forward to building on his work.”

Gen. Peters, whose retirement was announced in the spring, said he could not be more pleased by the selection of Rodriguez as his successor.

“Tony Rodriguez’s emphasis on strategic planning and substantive training will ensure the state guard continues to mature in its mission. He is committed to seeing an even stronger, more robust state guard," said Peters. "The best days of the Texas State Guard are ahead. I can honestly say that of all the postings I've had, wearing the Texas State Guard is the one of which I am most proud because of the caliber of people I have been fortunate to wear it alongside."