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The mission of the TXANG State Defense Counsel is to provide zealous, independent, and diligent representation to members of the Texas Air National Guard facing criminal, disciplinary, and adverse actions. The State Defense Counsel is a military attorney who represents uniformed members of the Texas Air National Guard accused of a crime or facing adverse action by the Texas Air National Guard.


Services provided by the TXANG State Defense Counsel include representation and assistance with:

  • Court-Martial under the Texas Code of Military Justice (TCMJ)
  • Section 15s under the TCMJ
  • Responses to LOR, LOA, and LOC
  • Suspect Advice
  • Demotions/Discharge
  • Referral EPR/OPR
  • AGR Curtailments


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State Defense Counsel



Requests for assistance can be made by sending an unencrypted e-mail to Major Mike Kirkland at:  Click Here
Or by calling: 832-712-4533





For legal assistance with wills, powers of attorney, etc., please contact your local Wing Legal Office:

149th Fighter Wing/JA

147th Attack Wing/JA

136th Airlift Wing/JA


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