The TMD Photo Lab provides official photos for TMD command teams requiring a command photo. Any other TMD service member or employee requiring an official photo for military reasons should provide justification in the request. Appointments can be requested M-F, 0900-1500 and during the JFHQ IDT weekends. Photos are by appointment only and must be coordinated for a minimum of a week prior. Fill out an application below to schedule an appointment.

In June 2020, the Department of Army released information that eliminated the need for DA photographs as a requirement for promotion boards. Due to this guidance, Camp Mabry does not have an official DA Photo Lab and does not take DA photos.

Elimination of Department of Army (DA) Photos for Officer Selection Boards

Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. (Wed-Thur)

Visit Us: 2200 West 35th Street, Building 1, Camp Mabry (Austin), Texas 78763-5218



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