Welcome to the Inspector's General site.  Our primary function is to assist The Adjutant General, Texas Military Department, in taking care of our Soldiers and Airmen.  The IG is a personal staff office providing the commanders a sounding board for sensitive issues.  Our primary means of conducting this mission include training, inspecting, assisting, and investigating.  We serve as impartial fact-finders and the eyes, ears, voice, and conscience of The Adjutant General of Texas and Commanders at all levels.

All Soldiers and Airmen have the right to present complaints, grievances, or requests for assistance to the Inspector General.  These complaints or grievances may include what one reasonably believes to be evidence of fraud, waste, and abuse. 

Before visiting the Inspector General, you should consider whether your Chain of Command can address your concerns in a more prompt manner.  However, you are not required to present your concerns to your chain of command before contacting the Inspector General.
You may correspond with the TMD IG using the following contact information: 

Organization: NGTX-AIG
Office Hours: 0800-1600
Building: Texas National Guard Joint Forces Headquarters, Bldg. 8
Address: 2200 W. 35th Street, Austin, Texas 78703
Telephone: 512-782-5122
Fax No: 512-782-5536
Organizational Email Address: ng.tx.txarng.list.staff-ig@army.mil

If you believe that NGTX-AIG's response to your concerns is not fair, complete, or in accordance with law or regulation - or if you believe that contacting the Texas Military Department Office of the Inspector General may jeopardize your interests - you may contact either the National Guard Bureau Inspector General Office (NGB-IGA) or Department of the Army Inspector General or the Inspector General, Department of Defense Hotline:
NGB-IG Telephone: 703-607-7539
NGB-IG Email: ng.ncr.ngb-arng.mbx.ngb-ig@army.mil

DAIG Assistance Line: 1-800-752-9747 
IG, DoD, Hotline: 1-800-424-9098
Department of Defense personnel is prohibited from taking any action that restricts you from filing a complaint, seeking assistance, or cooperating with the Inspector General or a Member of Congress. 

In accordance with AR 20-1, paragraph 1-12, the Inspector General has a duty to protect confidentiality to the maximum extent possible.  This requirement to protect confidentiality is true for all persons who ask the Inspector General for help, make a complaint, contact or assist an Inspector General during an inspection or investigation, or otherwise interact with an Inspector General.
To file a complaint, complete a DA Form 1559 or AF Form 102, and submit it to the Texas Military Department Inspector General Office.

The IG will do everything to maintain CONFIDENTIALITY when handling complaints; however, it may be unavoidable to disclose some information to properly handle the case. In such instances, we will try to contact the complainant prior to disclosure.