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Texas National Guard Service Members Fully Resourced

CAMP MABRY, Texas (August 29, 2014) –  Recently, Texas National Guard troops deployed to the Southern border in support of the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Operation Strong Safety.  The well-being of our service members remains a top priority, and all members supporting the operation are furnished with lodging, meals, transportation, and the equipment required to perform their mission. Service members supporting this operation receive pay, allowance for housing, and per diem for meals on the normal state payroll schedule.

Media reports indicate some members of the Texas National Guard supporting this new operation were in need of resources, including food and gas.  It is important to note, the Texas National Guard offers robust services to its service members and their families who identify a need, including temporary financial assistance, resilience training and counseling, family readiness and reintegration activities.  More information about services offered through our Family Support Services is available on our website at  Whether in state, federal, or even a non-active duty status, our service members have numerous resources available to meet their needs.

As a result of inquiries for assistance by service members deploying to the Rio Grande Valley, the Texas National Guard Family Assistance Coordinator identified a variety of options for service members who may have existing financial hardships, including inquiries to local food banks among other organizations. The agency specifically had two previously unemployed service members who requested support. Both of those soldiers were provided assistance.   The Family Assistance Coordinator will continue to work with those service members, and any others as needs may arise.


The mission of the Texas Military Forces (TXMF) is to provide the Governor and the President with ready and trained forces in support of the citizens of Texas and State and Federal civil/military authorities at home and abroad.
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