Texas National Guard engineers continue to secure the Texas-Mexico border

Soldier setting up fence Soldier working on fence

Texas National Guard engineers continue to secure the Texas-Mexico border


MCALLEN, Texas – Texas National Guard Engineer Special Response Teams this week installed a new anti-climb barrier near Brownsville, Texas to further the agency’s effort to stem the flow of illegal crossings.

In recent months, around Eagle Pass and Brownsville, illegal border crossers have damaged existing wire and barriers to gain access to Texas. The engineers repaired the damaged sections of barrier while operational personnel blocked entry and provided security for the construction operations. The damage to the barrier continues to occur daily. 

The Engineer Special Response Teams are now installing a new barrier to reinforce the areas of high-traffic illegal crossings. The teams are installing an anti-climb barrier behind the reinforced wire areas. The barrier also has barbed wire and concertina wire attached as to prevent climbing over with a ladder or other scaling device. 

“The Brownsville area is seeing a lot of bad actors coming across the river and cutting our existing C-wire barrier,” said Capt. Chris Daniel, SRT-1 officer in charge. “The ACB barrier will allow Task Force South [National Guard] and law enforcement partners more time to respond to the breaches to apprehend the bad actors.”

The environment surrounding the Rio Grande River dictates how the barriers are installed, according to Daniel. In El Paso, where fencing operations have been ongoing, illegal border crossings are blocked by multiple layers of the wire arrayed in wide open areas of high-volume traffic. The wire is used to funnel illegal migrants to staging areas where they are turned back to Mexico.

    Since the beginning of the mission, the engineers have installed over 82 miles of concertina wire and reinforced over 27 miles of that wire. Additionally, almost 73 miles of chain-linked fencing has been installed to secure private and public property in the border region.
The Texas National Guard is dedicated to preventing, deterring and interdicting transnational criminal activity, in conjunction with our state and local partners, along the Texas and Mexico border.