Texas National Guard continues to secure El Paso

EL PASO, Texas – The Texas National Guard has continued to hold the line between Texas and Mexico along the Rio Grande River, stopping any mass migration attempts like those seen earlier this year. Soldiers from the Texas Military Department patrol the roads and river and fortify concertina wire barriers.

Earlier this year, El Paso was the epicenter for thousands of immigrants trying to across the river illegally, going over walls and through tunnels to get into the US.

Joint Task Force Lone Star, El Paso Region commander, Maj. Sean Storrud said he has seen significant changes in the past few months.

“Operational changes already began occurring before the end of Title 42, significantly affecting illegal immigration into El Paso”, Storrud said. “We anticipate an increase in efforts to breach the C-Wire in an attempt to access the storm sewers that go under the border wall or in an attempt to go over the border wall with ropes and ladders.”

To reinforce border security, more engineer troops deployed to construct more than 17 miles of concertina-wire barrier along the Rio Grande River.

Soldiers from the Florida, Tennessee, and Arkansas National Guard have joined the effort in El Paso and other areas along the border areas.