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For more information regarding the Texas Military Forces’ annual training, please contact the state public affairs office at 512-782-5620 or email at



Texas Military Forces to Conduct Annual Training Across Texas

AUSTIN, Texas (May 29, 2015) –Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen with Texas Military Forces will begin conducting annual training in various cities across Texas, now through the end of August.

The annual training by the Texas Army and Air National Guard and the Texas State Guard is designed to give military commanders the opportunity to take their staff and units to the field to hone service members’ proficiency and maintain a high level of mission readiness. Additionally, annual training conducted in a joint environment with local and state agencies enables the Texas Military Forces to test its ability to react and help improve communication and coordination with its civilian partners.

“This designated training will put a lot of service members on Texas roads and highways as they convoy to and from training, said Texas Adjutant General Maj. Gen. John F. Nichols. "We ask our fellow Texans to take care in passing these convoys and even single military vehicles on our roads. Please be aware that our equipment has the same blind spots and longer stopping distances common to all large trucks and give them a little extra space.” 

Over the last ten years, the Texas Military Forces has trained and mobilized over 30,000 Soldiers across the state of Texas in support of combat operations and natural disaster relief.

For more information regarding the organization’s annual training, contact the state public affairs office at 512-782-5620 or email  


The mission of the Texas Military Forces (TXMF) is to provide the Governor and the President with ready and trained forces in support of the citizens of Texas and State and Federal civil/military authorities at home and abroad.

The Texas Military Forces are commanded by the Adjutant General of Texas, the state's senior military official appointed by the governor, and is comprised of the Texas Military Department (formerly the Adjutant General's Department), the Texas Army National Guard (TXARNG), the Texas Air National Guard (TXANG), the Texas State Guard (TXSG) and the Domestic Operations Command (DOMOPS).

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