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Texas Military Forces to be affected by federal furlough policy

CAMP MABRY, Texas (Aug. 9, 2013) - Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced, this week, that the scheduled furloughs for Texas National Guard Military technicians will be reduced from 11 days to 6 days.
"This is great news for our texas National Guard military technicians, and their families, who have remained patiend and professional throughout the past few weeks." said Maj. Gen. John F. Nichols, The Adjutant General of texas. "We appreciate the continued support of Governor Perry and our elected officials who have advocated putting an end to the National Guard civilan employee furloughs."
"The affected employees will be in an unpaid, furlough status for 6 non-consecutive days instad of 11 days between July and September," Said Col. Amy Cook, state public affairs office.
More than half of the Texas Ntional Guard's full-time members are military technicians affected by furlough. A military technician is a federal civil service employee who is required to maintain membership in the National Guard as a condition of employment. Military Technicians fulfill the readiness, training and maintenance roles on a full time basis that prepare the National Guard traditional or part-time force to respond to calls by the State and Nation in times of war or natural disaster.
"while we are pleased with the decision, the continued impact of sequestration and the Deparment of Defense's fiscal challenges, Texas National Guard employees could potenitally face furloughs again in fiscal year 2014 (October 2013- September 2014) ." said Nichols. "Regardless of fiscal constraints imposed  at the national-level, the Texas NAtional guard is prepared to respond whenever the Governor calls for us to support citizens of Texas."
The mission of the Texas Military Forces (TXMF) is to provide the Governor and the President with ready and trained forces in support of the citizens of Texas and State and Federal civil/military authorities at home and abroad.
The Texas Military Forces are commanded by the Adjutant General of Texas, the state's senior military official appointed by the governor, and is comprised of the Texas Military Department (formerly the Adjutant General's Department), the Texas Army National Guard (TXARNG), the Texas Air National Guard (TXANG), the Texas State Guard (TXSG) and the Domestic Operations Command (DOMOPS).


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