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Strong Bonds Seminars are weekend retreats for Texas Military Department Single Soldiers, Married Couples and Families to focus on their relationships. For the Marriage Enrichment seminars, the Chaplain covers topics such as expectations, communications, reunion and friendship. He provides tools for the couple to use in the future. For the Singles Soldier seminar, the Chaplain helps soldiers establish relationship goals and gain essential skills in mate-choosing patterns. And Family Wellness seminar is for the entire family to come to an off-post retreat and gain skills to help sustain healthy interactions, relevant teaching and training. They will also have time for relaxation, recreation, fellowship and fun.

This program empowers soldiers and families with relationship-building skills, and connects them to community health and support resources. The program, led by Army Chaplains, is holistic, preventative, and committed to the restoration and preservation of Army families, especially those near crisis. As members of the world's premier fighting force, Army Soldiers sacrifice for our country every day, and so do their loved ones. Military life places extreme hardships on relationships, especially in wartime, so the Army- backed by Congress- has committed unprecedented resources to help Soldiers build stronger relationships through the Strong Bonds Program. Strong Bonds has specialized programs for single Soldiers, Couples, and Families. Those Soldiers being deployed or redeployed can also learn special coping tactics. With Strong Bonds, participants not only bond with their loved ones, they bond with other Army families, chaplains, and the Army community as a whole.

Service members may be able to attend in lieu of drill at the unit’s discretion. Service members attending in lieu of drill will receive a performance certificate upon completion of the seminar.  Spouses attending a Strong Bonds Event must be registered in DEERS.

To register for a Strong Bonds Seminar, contact the POC below, or visit www.strongbonds.org. A CAC card is required to log on to the website.

To register for a Strong Bonds Seminar: log on to www.strongbonds.org > Find an Event > Army National Guard > Select the Type of Program you want to attend > Select your state > Click on the event title > Register

Types of Seminars:

Family Wellness

We understand the unique stresses of military life, so we want to serve your Family through an off post, Strong Bonds weekend retreat. Children 8 years old and over may participate in most exercises of the Strong Bonds Family program. Your family and others from your unit will gain skills to help sustain healthy interactions throughout the trials of Army life. In addition to relevant teaching and skills training, there is time for relaxation, recreation, fellowship, and fun.

Marriage Enrichment
Whether you’ve celebrated one anniversary or twenty, as an Army couple you can anticipate more excitement — and expect more challenges — than the average civilian couple. Long separations, frequent relocations, and the stress of deployment can subject Army marriages to extreme hardship.

Single Soldier
Maybe you're in a relationship now, and are thinking about taking it further. Or perhaps you just left or lost a relationship and are contemplating taking that kind of risk again. Maybe you're not with anyone special, but you know it might happen some day.  No matter what your "relationship stats" is right now, it's smart to take part in the Strong Bonds Single Soldier Program. One weekend could make a major difference in how you date and perhaps, who you choose for a lifetime.


To register for an event please contact the Strong Bonds Event Coordinator or visit www.strongbonds.org 

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