SAN ANTONIO SMRC is no longer taking apppointments for Dental Friday Events, as we are at capacity.



Uniform is OCP, or APFU, with Military ID Card

You must be in an IDT Status.  A performance certificate for one UTA will be available to you once you have completed your appointment.

ADOS & AGR are prohibited from Dental Friday Events (DFE)

If you are requesting DENTAL TREATMENT, you must first schedule a DENTAL SCREENING IOT verify treatment type.

If you request DENTAL TREATMENT without a screening within the last 6 months, you may have to reschedule for treatment at a later time


Appointment Hours for DENTAL FRIDAY EVENTS are 0700-1700

Should you have any issues with scheduling, contact your respective SMRC or the TX MRD S3:, (512) 923-1520

Austin SMRC: (512) 782-5970                                                                Grand Prairie SMRC: (972) 264-8362 ext. 7354511

Houston (Ellington Field) SMRC: (512) 782-5001 ext. 7894113       San Antonio (Camp Bullis) SMRC: (512) 782-5001 ext. 7854401