Uniform is OCP, or APFU, with Military ID Card

You must be in an IDT Status.  A performance certificate for one UTA will be available to you once you have completed your appointment.

ADOS & AGR are prohibited from Dental Friday Events (DFE)

If you are requesting DENTAL TREATMENT, you must first schedule a DENTAL SCREENING IOT verify treatment type.

If you request DENTAL TREATMENT without a screening within the last 6 months, you may have to reschedule for treatment at a later time


Appointment Hours for DENTAL FRIDAY EVENTS are 700-1700

Should you have any issues with scheduling, contact your respective SMRC or the TX MRD S3:, (512) 923-1520

Austin SMRC: (512) 782-5970                                                                Grand Prairie SMRC: (972) 264-8362 ext. 7354511

Houston (Ellington Field) SMRC: (512) 782-5001 ext. 7894113       San Antonio (Camp Bullis) SMRC: (512) 782-5001 ext. 7854401