For PHA Requests: Please complete your PHA survey prior to arrival

If over 40: you must FAST (nothing to eat or drink past 2200hrs the night before except water and medication) For ease of Cardiovascular screening, APFU is authorized. 

For a Permanent or Temporary Profile Request: You must bring medical supporting documentation with the Civilian Medical Provider's Functional AssessmentFunctional Assessment

Hours of Operation for all SMRCs are Monday-Friday 0830-1530hrs. TX MRD IDT Weekends: 0730-1600hrs

******Dental Screenings are only offered on TX MRD IDT weekends*******

Should you have any issues with scheduling, contact your respective SMRC or the TX MRD S3 :

Austin SMRC: (512) 782-5970                                                                Grand Prairie SMRC: (972) 264-8362 ext. 7354511

Houston SMRC: (512) 782-5001 ext. 7894113                                    San Antonio SMRC: (512) 782-5001 ext. 7854401

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