There are a number of benefits offered to the members of the Texas State Guard to encourage enlistment. These benefits are offered by several different entities including the State of Texas, various county authorites, local municipalities, and private businesses.

Benefits include:

  • Daily Stipend for Training and During State Emergency Activations
  • Free Texas Concealed Handgun License
  • Free Texas Super Combo Hunting and Fishing License
  • Job Protections When Called to Duty
  • Paid Military Leave (for State Employees)
  • Texas Guard License Plate Eligibility (This is NOT Free and must be paid for by the TXSG Member)
  • Travel Allowances when Activated by Governor
  • College Tuition Assistance
  • Waiver of Toll Road Fees (varies by local toll road authority)
  • Worker's Compensation for On-Duty Injury
  • SkillSet Online Training

State Health Insurance:

  • This is a new process as of the biennium and at this point, ERS believes that the insurance purchase will be handled by ERS and the state guard member directly. 

Workers Compensation and Other State Guard Benefits:

  • According to the State Office of Risk Management (SORM), members of the state military forces, during authorized training, duty, or activation under state authority, are considered full state employees for workers' compensation purposes. This authority is delegated under chapter 501.001 (5) (D) of the Texas Labor Code.
  • Pay and travel entitlements are determined by the Texas Adjutant General (TAG). The TAG has been granted this authority under Section 431.016 other Texas Government Code. According to SORM, travel from a private residence to a place of duty is not covered for workers' compensation benefits, however, travel between two places of duty is covered by workers' compensation.
  • The state does not carry insurance to cover damages to privately owned vehicles. SORM reports that each agency carries their own vehicle insurance policy. TAG's insurance policy provides that hired, non-owned vehicles that are operated in course and scope of employment of an employee of the TAG are covered for $250,000 in liability insurance only. TAG's office state that there is a claims process of the TMD personnel and whether or not the claim would be awarded depends on the working of the service member activation orders.