About TDSOffice of the General Counsel: Trial Defense Services

Camp Mabry

Building 64a

2200 W 35th Street, Austin, TX  77063

Phone: 512-782-6069      

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 0830-1630

The TDS mission is to provide defense legal services to Soldiers as required by law or as authorized by The Judge Advocate General.  The Texas Army National Guard TDS provides a full-range of defense oriented legal services to Texas Army National Guard Soldiers, including:

  • Representation of Soldiers charged with military offenses;
  • Representation of Soldiers during investigations and before separation or grade reduction boards;
  • Counseling of Soldiers regarding nonjudicial punishment, and other adverse administrative actions taken pursuant to military regulations.

Soldiers on Title 10 orders or in the Army Reserve will need to contact the appropriate office to handle their case. Links provided to the right under "Other Resources".


The Constitution and Military Rules of Evidence guarantee suspects the right not to be questioned by police and military authorities without an attorney.  This right helps to ensure, in essence, that you do not become the prosecutor's key witness at your own court-martial or Section 15 hearing.  You are entitled to be assisted by a military defense counsel at no cost to you or you may retain civilian attorney at no expense to the government.


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Requesting Counsel

Trial Defense Services provides various conflict-free legal services to Soldiers who are facing adverse criminal or administrative actions at no cost to the Soldier. We provide provide legal assistance for the following:

  • Legal consultations for adverse administrative actions
  • Suspect rights consultation for investigations (15-6, OCI, CID, etc)
  • Representation at Boards (Admin Sep, WOFR, Flight Eval, etc)
  • Section 15 Consultations

To request counsel, you may call Trial Defense Services at 512-782-6069 or email SPC Zachary Green at Zachary.t.green4.mil@army.mil with the following information:

  • Rank Name
  • Unit
  • Military Status (M-Day, AGR, Tech, SAD, etc)
  • Description of your issue

Please allow up to 2 business days for a response. In the meanwhile, please do not discuss your case with anyone until you speak with an attorney.

“Defending Those Who Defend America”