If you are looking for full-time employment, and are deployable, DPS, TMD, and the TXSG are beefing up the Operation Border Star and Drawbridge programs. Currently, we are seeking 22 full-time personnel to go on active duty and serve alongside DPS Officers, Texas Rangers, Border Patrol, County Sheriffs, and city law enforcement officials. Pay and benefits are decent, and you will be serving with dedicated and like-minded Texans.

  • Must be a member or willing to join the State Guard.
  • Pass a State Guard background check.
  • Pass a Department of Public Safety background check.
  • Willing to participate in an in-person interview.
  • Willing to serve where needed. Job and location (Relocate if required)
  • Must be willing to work all shifts and be on call. 
  • Able to use varied communication processes i.e... email and text message.
  • Able to work independently as required.
  • Physically able to lift and carry moderate weight. Able to climb ladders.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Must provide own food and accommodation.
  • Willing to make at least a One-year commitment.
  • Proficient in English language (Two years office experience, Microsoft Office Suite, and fluent in Spanish is desirable).
  • Must meet minimum TXSG height and weight standards
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