MG Christopher Powers thanks the men and women of the TXSG

To the men and women of the Texas State Guard: Now that our Hurricane Summer is over I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to each of you for your dedicated service through all four hurricanes, particularly Hurricane Ike. Your accomplished a difficult mission and did so exceptionally well. When many other watched what was happening in out State you elected to take action. You entered shelters and cared for Texans, who in many cases lost everything they owned. at a time when many of your own families were without electricity or were themselves displaced. You extended a kind word a friendly voice and a hand of friendship to thousands of Texans during their individual time of suffering. Whether you worked in shelters, at one of our headquarters, in the State's Emergency Operations Center, or in the SHATF, you made a difference in the lives of many Texans who will never know your name but will never forget your presence. Because you cared Texas is a better place It is a privilege to serve with you. Chrisopher J. Powers MG TXSG