Journey to becoming Army Fit

Freezing Cold, and we’re out on the track in several layers of clothing.

Week 1

Freezing Cold, and we’re out on the track in several layers of clothing.  Northerners would think we are real wimps putting on this many clothes for 40 degree weather. Coat: check, Gloves: check, Hat: check.  Extra clothes: check. Stop Watch: NOPE.  Not today.  Today's goal is to make it around the 1-mile track at Camp Mabry twice without passing out or throwing up.  

We run some and walk some but complete the two miles feeling pretty accomplished!  Actually it is not bad at all.  We’re talking (good sign, that means we are breathing) and laughing and sharing about ourselves.  We really do not know each other very well because we just met 2 months ago and work in different buildings. We agreed to try a routine of running three times a week at a minimum, at the end of our work day. 

After the run we decide to humble ourselves a little bit by trying the pushups and the sit ups.  

I did 5 pushups (I don't believe they are “legitimate” but there is time for that) and Courtney is so kind she tells me good job.  Just so you know, I did embarrass myself by asking a Lieutenant if I could do my pushups on my knees.  She kindly informed me that all pushups had to be done on the toes.  She gave me more information on how to do the pushups correctly but I was spinning from the idea that I had to do them on my toes, so I do not have that information at this time.

I then try the situps.  I dread this.  I hate situps and my core is MUSH.  I am not only NOT Army Fit I am Citizen Mush when it comes to the core.  I definitely need some guidance in this area.  HELP.  Anyway, I push through 10 really ugly situps.  Again, Courtney is nothing but supportive, but now her turn.

Run, not bad, but slow as she goes! I get through the two miles relatively unscathed but only because Tracy (too humble to tell you she’s a former runner) slows her pace to stay with me the whole run. 
Pushups are another story altogether. I quickly learn that my form is hideous at best. I thought I was doing pretty well cranking out a second push-up when Tracy nicely complimented my plank position form. “I’m doing pushups!” I manage to say.  I’ve been told that the correct form is when upper arms are parallel to the ground, but at this point I’m finding parallel to be very overrated. Sit-ups went a bit better but I’m pretty sure I won’t be allowed 5-minute breaks between each sit up, so I’ll have to work on pace. 

Commentary by Courtney J. Lynch and Tracy K. Ward, Psychological Health Coordinators