Journey to becoming Army Fit

Courtney and Tracy here to give you another update on our journey in becoming Army-fit!

Week 2

Courtney and Tracy here to give you another update on our journey in becoming Army-fit!

Our motivation remains high, but the holidays threw us off our schedule just a bit. We are ready to get back to our workout routine and complete our first run of the new year, when we realize Tracy’s running clothes are in her locked car, along with her car keys. So Courtney completes her run without Tracy but realizes how much it helps to have a running partner. Tracy spends time making arrangements to get into her car and does situps and pushups in her office. That is dedication! She completes her run the next morning, and on her run is lucky enough to meet an amazing runner who also happens to be a Master Fitness Trainer at Camp Mabry (read about her team in the December Dispatch article!, and stayed tuned here for more highlights from their team). 

Week 2 Tips: 

In talking to the Master Fitness Trainer, she offers some tips for strengthening core muscles which will help us with sit-ups. We are both aware of the need for strengthening our core muscles, which feel especially weak after years of sitting for long hours in our previous jobs, and not always with the best posture. 

  • For core strengthening, the Master Fitness Trainer recommends side and front and planks, and leg lifts, holding each for 60 seconds. 
  • Weak core muscles might make one more prone to hip or low-back problems, so we’re told to try sitting on a ball or ball chair at work desks to help with posture and keeping core muscles engaged. 
  • Practice pushups on the knees. 
  • Having a workout partner is key to staying motivated (as Courtney learned when running without Tracy).
  • Avoid a heavy meal prior to workout. We both notice that running is a bit more difficult after a big meal. 


Commentary by Courtney J. Lynch and Tracy K. Ward, Psychological Health Coordinators