The following provides more detailed instruction on how to submit your official transcript in order to complete your request for State Tuition Assistance. Read each option to find the one most appropriate for you. 

OPTION #1: Electronic format directly from the school. (PREFERRED METHOD)

Most colleges now offer electronic official transcripts in a secured PDF format. If your college offers this option, there are a couple of possible ways to order your transcript. 

A) If you are a student at Texas A&M, at either the College Station or Galveston campus ONLY, you must enter your email as the recipient. The transcript service for these campuses sends out the download credentials as an html attachment, which we CANNOT open. You will have to order the transcript to your own email address, then go through the steps to download the transcript. Then you can email our office the PDF transcript file to All TAMU campuses other than College Station and Galveston do not use this html attachment, so students of other TAMU campuses please use the methods in B) or C) below. 

B) For students of all other schools, if your school uses Credentials Inc. to process transcript orders, you can select our office as the recipient by searching "TEXAS MILITARY DEPARTMENT". On the transcript order screen, you will see a field with a list of possible recipients to choose from. Select our office and finish the ordering process. 

C) If you do not find our office listed on the transcript ordering system for your school, you may be able to  have it emailed to our office email address by entering our address as the recipient. Most systems will ask for your email address also to send you notices when the transcript is downloaded on our end. If you do not enter your own email address here, you cannot be notified by the system if there are any problems with your transcript order. 


OPTION #2: Paper/Hard Copy Transcript from your school.

If you are attending one of the few schools that do not offer an electronic secured PDF transcript, then you have a couple of choices. Both of these choices begin with requesting a student copy issued to yourself. This is NOT the same as getting an Unofficial transcript from your own student account. The student issued copy will still come from the registrar's office. Depending on your school's options, it might be mailed to your home address or it might be available for pickup in person at the registrar's office. 

Once you have the printed transcript, you can hand deliver it to our office if you are in the Austin area. Otherwise, you will need to be scan it into an electronic format. For our purposes, IT IS OK FOR YOU TO OPEN THE ENVELOPE in order to scan a copy of it. When you scan it, scan ALL PAGES of your transcript. Save the file in a format other than html or txt. The preferred format is PDF. 

It is ok to use your phone camera to scan it, but please use a PDF scan app. Do not just take a picture with your camera. There are various scanning apps available free of charge from your app store. Also, please flatten the pages. If your image is found unacceptable, you will be asked to rescan and send again. If you have access to an actual scanner, this will usually produce the best scanned image. 

Once you have scanned your transcript, then you have a couple of options on how to get that to our office. 

    #2.a. (Recommended if your transcript shows your SSN or address) The most secure method is to use the DoD approved Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE) found at To use this, you login on the site. Follow the prompts to fill in the required information. A CAC is NOT required to use this option. You will upload your electronic file, then we will download it on our end. These are the steps to use after you login to the site:

 - Enter YOUR name and YOUR email address. This does NOT have to be your military address. You can enter any email address you prefer.
 - Upload the electronic official transcript file. Do NOT upload html or txt files. 
 - Set the deletion date to 14 days from the date you are uploading.  
 - Add the email address as the recipient. 
 - Check the box for "Require CAC for Pick-up". 
 - Click on the upload button. 
 - Our office will receive an email with a link to download the transcript. 
 - You will receive an email confirmation when we download your transcript.

    #2.b. The other option is to attach your transcript to an email. If you are able to encrypt your email, that will be a secure method of sending your transcript. To do this, you will have to use your CAC to log in to your military email account (OWA). If you do not encrypt it, be aware that your information could potentially be intercepted. We will reply to your email to confirm that we received your attached file. At times it can take up to 2 days to send out a confirmation to you. 


OPTION #3: Snail Mail Paper Transcript to our office (least recommended option)

The third option is to send in your transcript via snail-mail. Before you commit to this option, consider option #2. Go Back and read Option 2 a & b. There are very few people that are not able to scan the paper transcript and use the "2b" method. The snail mail option should be a last resort for you. 

The biggest problem with this method is the time it takes to get here. It doesn't take long for mail to reach Camp Mabry, but there is additional time added for getting from the Camp Mabry mail room to our building. This sounds like it should be a quick trip, but I have seen a FedEx overnight package take a couple of weeks to get here. I have received several transcripts as late as March that were post marked at the beginning of January. That doesn't happen all the time, but it would be much safer to go with Option #2 before taking a chance on #3. However, if you are feeling lucky you can request your transcript be mailed. Note that we do not accept responsibility for transcripts arriving late. If it arrives after the deadline, it may be too late to complete processing your award. The mailing address is:

Education Services Office
State Tuition Assistance
2200 W 35th Street, Bldg 15
Austin, TX 78703


Once we receive your transcripts by any of the above 3 options, we will send out confirmations AFTER your grades have been logged into our system. At certain points it may take us a few days from receiving the transcript to update the grades. Please be patient, but if a week passes or the deadline approaches with no confirmation from our office please send an email to confirm if we received your transcript.