1. Complete this fillable PDF form:

a. It is recommended that applicants fill out this form electronically.

b. If unable to complete the form electronically, print out form and complete manually.

c. Requests for both semesters using one application form must meet the following criteria:

  • applicant must be attending the same school during both semesters and
  • Application form must be received prior to Fall semester

d. Pages 2, 3, and 4 are required to be completed and signed.

e. Certain information will fill in automatically when using the electronic PDF version

f. Some fields have a drop-down menu. Select the appropriate answer for these fields.

g. Pg. 2, Service Member Information, #7: ETS/MRD date is not required for certain applicants:

  • TXSG members since they do not have an ETS date
  • Officers, if they do not have a set MRD
  • All applicants must continue their service through the end of the semester to receive an award.

h. In the “Contact Information” at a minimum, provide the best email to send status updates and notices.

i. In the “School Information,” #8, If requesting STA for both semester

  • Form must be submitted prior to Fall semester.
  • Applicant must be attending the same school for both semesters.

j. In “Other Financial Information,” if marking “Yes” to any question, submit the indicated documentation

k. Pg. 3, read and initial all listed statements.

l. Pg. 5, complete this page if taking more than 6 credits during either Fall or Spring


2. Sign the form.

a. Signatures on pages 3 and 4 are required. Sign page 5 if applicable (see pg. 5 for details).

b. Sign using a CAC electronic signature. If CAC reader is not available, print out form and hand sign.


3. Save the completed form.

a) If completed electronically, save a copy in PDF. Keep a copy for your own records.

b) If completed manually, scan and save as an electronic file. Keep a copy for your own records.


4. Attach the saved file in an email to ng.tx.txarng.mbx.trp@mail.mil.

a) Air Guard and State Guard Members can “CC:” other persons or offices in their components as required.

b) If the application is not sent to ng.tx.txarng.mbx.trp@mail.mil , it may not be received by the deadline which could disqualify the applicant from receiving a tuition award.


5 . Submit Additional Documents AFTER the add/drop period has passed.

a) Two items that are required for all applicants are a course schedule and a fee statement.

  • A fee statement should show amounts for tuition and fee charges, and financial aid payments.
  • A "payment receipt" is not acceptable unless it includes the above information.

b) Other documents that may be required include: FTA form, 9/11 GI Bill COE, financial aid letter, etc. (See the "Other Financial Assistance" section on page 2 to determine which are applicable)

c) Send all documents by email to ng.tx.txarng.mbx.trp@mail.mil .

d) Even if submitting a combined Fall/Spring application form, Additional Documents must be submitted for EACH separate semester.


6. Submit an Official Transcript AFTER the end of each semester.

a. An Official Transcript is required to confirm passing grades.

b. ONLY OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS will be accepted.

c. Order a PDF electronic version emailed to our office, if available from your school

d. If PDF is not available,

I. order an official transcript for student pickup at your school

II. open the sealed envelope and scan and save as an electronic document

i. do NOT scan directly to our email address

ii. If it is not successfully received, we have no way to know who sent it

III. Attach the transcript electronic document to an email sent to our office.