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Mission: To provide guidance, resources, support and training to Units, Service members and their Families in order to empower them to face the challenges of service in the National Guard in state & national emergencies and through deployment cycles.

Purpose: To increase Family Readiness of the Texas Military Department (TMD) by optimizing State capabilities to provide mission tailored support and training to units, Services members and their Families through all phases of deployment.

Key Tasks: Provide guidance to commanders for establishing their Family Readiness Program Increase communication between TMD Units and their families Promote and increase community partnerships Help to facilitate in retaining Soldiers and their Families Educate TMD unit members and their Families on benefits, entitlements, and resources for assistance End State: Provide self-sustaining Family Readiness Groups and Families through all phases of deployments.


For assistance call: 1-800-252-8032

One of the keys to having a successful Family Readiness program is to have activities, programs, and positive projects that interest and benefit the Family Members of the unit. A program needs to be enticing enough to Families, and perceived as worthwhile, so they will routinely choose to attend a function. To be successful, the commander must emphasize the importance of the Family Readiness Group (FRG) to individuals and unit readiness. 

The FRG is an organization of Family Members, Service Members/airmen, volunteers, and other interested individuals associated with a unit. The FRG's goal is to establish a network that enables Family Members to effectively gather information, resolve problems, and maintain mutual support, thereby reducing stress associated with military separations. The FRG is a resource that fosters self-reliance.

TAG Guidance for Family Readiness


TRAINING: Family Program offers the following training opportunities to FRG Volunteers and their Commanders: 

  • FRG Basic Training
  • FRG Advanced Training
  • Command FRG Training
  • Annual State Volunteer Workshop

FAMILY READINESS SUPPORT ASSISTANTS (FRSAs):  Located at each Brigade HQ, the FRSA position is designed to provide the commander with a Family Readiness Program Assistant to coordinate all aspects of the command’s Family Readiness Program to include, but not limited to:

Assist Commanders with execution of Family Readiness command responsibilities.
Provide assistance in development and implementation of command's Family Readiness Program to include wellbeing focus for Soldiers, Families, and Children.

FAMILY ASSISTANCE SPECIALISTS (FAS): Located at each Brigade HQ and in geographically dispersed ares are established to provide assistance with the full range of situations and problems that can arise for Families with military deployment and peacetime. The FAS responsibility is to contact families of deployed service members monthly and provide assistance in six essential services:

  • Crisis Intervention and Referral
  • Legal Resource/Information and Referral
  • Financial Resource/Information and Referral
  • TRICARE Resource/Information and Referral
  • ID Card and DEERS
  • Information and Referral

AIRMEN & FAMILY READINESS PROGRAM MANAGERS (AFRPMs): Assigned to each Air Guard Wing Commander. They are familiar with all of the resources and requirements of the Air Guard.

Provide assistance on:

  • Information/Referral
  • Deployment Cycle Support
  • Readiness: Personal, Family, Unit, and Community
  • Life Skills Education, Consultation and Transition Guidance
  • Community Outreach and Cooperative Interface
  • Volunteer Communication, Direction and Guidance