About DSCADefense Support of Civil Authorities Operations (DSCA)

Since the Texas Revolution the Texas Military Department has performed a special role as a homeland defense force. In addition to its warfighting role, we provide civil support at the federal, state and local level. This support comes in the form of defense support to civil authorities (DSCA). The inherent flexibility to operate on a continuum from local through state to federal level is one of the foundational strengths of the Guard.

Since 2003, the Texas Military Department has served more than 370,000 man days for DSCA missions: 33 Tropical weather responses, 33 Flood Responses, 28 Wildfire Aviation Reponses, 19 Wildfire Ground Responses, 16 Winter Weather responses, 31 Civil Support responses and 21 Law Enforcement responses.

Our guardsmen conduct numerous training exercises alongside our partner agencies. This training helps to provide a continuity of effort in the case of an emergency response.

We stand ready to provide the Governor and the President with ready and trained forces in support of the citizens of Texas and our local, state and federal civil authorities whenever called upon.