Dallas-based Texas State Guard Regiment Changes Command

Dallas-based Texas State Guard Regiment Changes Command
MAJ Kenneth Feagins, PAO, 19th REGT, TXSG
DALLAS, Texas – In a change of command ceremony held at Camp Bowie, Texas on June 23, command of the Dallas-headquartered 19th Civil Affairs Regiment passed from Col. David Erinakes to Col. Robert Hastings.

Col. Erinakes has commanded the 19th Regiment since Oct. 2009 improving morale and recruiting. During his seven years in the Regiment as Operations Officer, Executive Officer and Commander, he led the 19th Regiment through every major deployment since 2005 including Katrina, Rita, Ike and Operation Wrangler.

“Under Col. Erinakes’ leadership, the 19th Regiment has proven itself time and again,” said Maj. Gen. Raymond Peters, commanding general of the Texas State Guard. “Erinakes has made a significant and lasting impact during his tenure with the 19th. We look forward to his continued contributions as the Joint Staff Public Affairs Officer for the Texas State Guard.”

Col. Hastings, a resident of Keller, TX, joins the regiment after serving as Chief of Public Affairs for the Texas State Guard since 2010, bringing more than 30 years of federal and state military experience to his new role.

“Col. Hastings is a highly capable leader with a long and successful track record of mission execution in demanding situations,” said Maj. Gen. Peters. “Hastings is the right leader at the right time. I have the highest confidence that the men and women of the 19th Regiment will perform exceptionally well under his leadership.”

The official change of command took place with the traditional passing of the colors from outgoing to the incoming commander symbolically passing responsibility for, and authority over, the unit to the new commander.

Since the earliest chronicles of military history, military leaders have used flags as a visible symbol to identify themselves and serve as a rallying point. In the past, the colors were traditionally at the side of the unit commander. The very soul of the military unit is symbolized in the colors under which it operates, for they record the glories of the past, stand guardian over its present destiny, and ensure

inspiration for its future. Tradition dictates that the colors led the unit into battle and that the color bearer was instructed, “when in action, resolve not to part with the colors, but with your life.” Today, the colors serve as a binding symbol of continuity and point of inspiration for the future. Commanders come and go, but the unit continues on.

The mission of the 19th Civil Affairs Regiment is to provide mission-ready military forces to assist state and local authorities in times of state emergencies and to conduct homeland security activities under the umbrella of Defense Support to Civil Authorities. The Regiment is headquartered in Dallas with an area of responsibility that extends from Dallas east and north to the Arkansas and Oklahoma state lines.