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CAPPS Mission Statement:

Our mission is to improve efficiency, accuracy and productivity through the implementation of a statewide ERP software system that is a single source of information for Financials and HR/Payroll transactions.


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CAPPS HR/Payroll Training & Resources

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Manager Procedure for Overriding Employee Schedules in CAPPS

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TMD State Employee Timesheet Overview & Leave Request Demonstration (Updated course coming soon.)

Manager Summary Approval Page & Leave Approval Demonstration (Updated course coming soon.)

Timesheet How To Enter Overtime or Comp Time Worked (Updated course coming soon.)


Click on the document below to see more information about the CAPPS Phase II Implementation Project:

Help Desk support:

Requests for assistance with the CAPPS HR/Payroll module, CAPPS Financials, CAPPS Recruit should be directed to the level one helpdesk at: CAPPS_support@military.texas.gov


Password Reset:

Please reference the respective document for instructions on resetting your password.  If you are unable to reset your password via the written instructions, contact the level one help desk via email at: CAPPS_support@military.texas.gov

HCM Password Administration (Under construction)

First-time Login Instructions (Under construction)


New User Accounts:


State Employee User Account Activation:

State employees will be auto-provisioned into CAPPS HR/Payroll via the onboarding process and account information will be forwarded to the employee's agency-sponsored email within 5 working days of the employee's hire date.  If account information is not received within 5 working days, please request assistance via the level 1 helpdesk at: CAPPS_Support@military.texas.gov.


Federal Employee User Account Activation:

All federal/military supervisors that directly supervise, or are in the second line of supervision for state employees, must complete the Military Supervisor CAPPS Account Request Form and the CTIA Form to establish a CAPPS user account. Completed forms must be returned to the level 1 helpdesk at: CAPPS_Support@military.texas.gov.



Military Supervisor Form



Help Desk: capps_support@military.texas.gov

HR Office: 512-782-5133 or hr@military.texas.gov