Brigadier General Jake Betty, Colonel Paul Watkins and Lieutenant Colonel Pedro Barreda Coined by the 4th Regiment

By: Capt. Esperanza Meza
Texas State Guard Public Affairs
Phone: 817-733-6269

DATE: 2/19/14


DALLAS – The Texas State Guard (TXSG) has established a new unit in Longview, Tx. The 3rd Battalion, 19th Civil Affairs Regiment will begin regular training at the Longview Fire Training Academy this summer and is currently recruiting to reach its strength of 60 personnel.

The 3rd Battalion is part of the 19th Civil Affairs Regiment, which includes additional units in Dallas and Greenville. The mission of the 19th Civil Affairs Regiment is to provide mission-ready military forces to assist state and local authorities in times of emergencies and disasters.

“Texas State Guard volunteers come from every walk of life, men and women, with and without prior military service,” said Col. Robert Hastings, commander of the 19th Regiment.

The Longview unit is recruiting for members in the counties of Panola, Rusk, Cherokee, Smith, Wood, Upshur, Gregg, Harrison, Marion, Cass, Morris, Camp, and Bowie. Membership is open to Texas residents, age 17 to 70, and in good health.

“The Texas State Guard is a great organization for people looking to combine a public service opportunity with adventure and military service,” said Col. Robert Hastings. “Whether you served in the military before and would like to rejoin a military organization, or you’ve never served but just thought about it, TXSG provides a unique opportunity for military service within the state.”

The TXSG is the state's volunteer military agency; trained, organized and ready to respond when a disaster strikes and Texans need help. The TXSG is comprised of more than 2000 volunteers organized into four components – Army, Air, Medical and Maritime – with individual units assigned throughout the state. The 19th Civil Affairs Regiment trains to execute the following missions:

  Mass care sheltering
  Emergency communications
  Special needs evacuation tracking
  Wide area damage assessment
  Urban search & rescue

In recent years, the TXSG has been called to active duty for hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, and wildfires. TXSG is the lead military component for Operation Lone Star in the Rio Grande Valley – the state’s annual humanitarian medical mission – and provides support to the state’s annual Oral Rabies Vaccination Program and the Joint Operations Intelligence Center.

TXSG personnel train one weekend per month and attend a four-day annual training exercise.

For more information about the Texas State Guard, call 469-554-TXSG or go to: