Upcoming Event! Warrant Officer Workshop, 13 July 2024

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By becoming a warrant officer, you will expand your skill set and become a vital member of the Texas Army National Guard. While basic branch officers assume the Guard’s general management roles, warrant officers serve as technical and tactical experts, as the leader of a team, and are highly trained in their field.

As a technical warrant officer, you’ll be both a technical and tactical expert—the best of both worlds. And if you feel flying is in your future, the aviation warrant officer career path may be the best way to earn your wings and become a Texas Army National Guard pilot.


Five W's

Who: Future Warrant Officer Candidates

What: Warrant Officer Workshop

When: 13 July 2024


Armed Forces Reserve Center
5102 Emma Browning Avenue
Classroom E
Austin, Texas 78719

Why: To inform all eligible Warrant Officer Candidates, review packets, make recommended changes and complete predetermination paperwork for submission to respective components. All soldiers planning to attend Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) in FY 23 are strongly advised to attend this workshop.

How to Register

  1. Complete the Pre-qualification Questionnaire 
  2. Email the completed form to the Warrant Officer Strength Manager email icon 
  3. Follow additional guidance from WO Recruiting


0730-0800 Check-In/Sign-In

0800-0815 Welcome/Opening Brief

0815-0845 Command Chief Remarks

0845-0915 Warrant Officer Recruiting Brief

0915-0930 GT Enhancement Course Brief

0930-1000 Warrant Officer Aviation Brief

1000-1100 WOCS Preparation Brief

1100-1200 Branch Senior Warrant Officer Q&A

1200-1300 Lunch

1300-1400 Branch Senior Warrant Officer Q&A (cont.)

1400-1700 Predetermination Packet QC Station

1700-1730 Workshop AAR/Release to Home of Record


For registration or any other additional information, please reach out to the Warrant Officer Strength Management office via email icon email or at 512-674-5148.

Once you become a warrant officer, you will continue to receive the benefits you get now, plus:

  • Get paid to attend in-depth, hands-on training
  • Receive superior training in a highly technical field
  • Enhance civilian career opportunities and bolster your resume
  • Get experience that would take years to earn in the civilian world
  • Learn proven leadership skills
  • Receive the same respect as commissioned officers


Certain warrant officer positions are currently listed as Critical Shortage MOSs and may qualify for bonuses up to $20,000, based on the state’s need. For those positions, the following requirements apply:

  • You must complete Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC) in your Area of Concentration (AOC) or Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) within 24 months of your date of commission.
  • You must enlist for at least six years in an active drilling status (not AGR or Miltech).
  • Prior service welcome to apply.



Download the Prequalification Questionnaire 



Follow these steps to get promoted, receive higher pay and get on the fast track to even further career growth:


Step One:

You must be enlisted in the National Guard or hold a qualifying Army position to apply to be a warrant officer, or have served as a warrant officer previously. If you’ve never served, click here to start your career in the Guard.

Step Two:

Talk to your Warrant Officer Strength Manager about completing an application.

Step Three:

Once your application is approved, you’ll be sent to Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) for training, which is usually six weeks.

Step Four:

Upon successful completion of WOCS, you’ll be conditionally appointed to the grade WO1 and sent to the Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC) for your specific field. WOBC can vary from a few weeks to several months, depending on your job.

 After your training (WOCS and WOBC) is complete, you’ll return to your unit or be reassigned to a new unit.


Download the Prequalification Questionnaire 

Get the answers from an expert. Call the Warrant Officer Strength Manager at 512-937-4226 or email here.

As a warrant officer you can be a highly skilled technical advisor in one of over 40 specialties. Take what you know, and gain the additional rank, respect and credentials to become a recognized leader.

You'll find brief descriptions below for the many exciting warrant officer opportunities. For more details on each specialty and its prerequisites, contact your local Warrant Officer Strength Manager.

Basic qualifications for all Warrant Officer applicants 

Texas Army National Guard programs and benefits are subject to change. Occasionally warrant officer positions are listed as Critical Shortage MOSs and may qualify for bonuses up to $10,000, based on our state's need. Our warrant officer recruiter has the most up-to-date information about job availability and bonuses.


Download the Prequalification Questionnaire 



Mr. Andreas Turner

Cell: 512-924-9703

email iconEmail for Aviation Warrant info


Mr. Joseph Michael

Cell:  512-937-4226

email iconEmail for Technical Warrant info


Mr. Ryan Ramsey


email iconEmail for Technical Warrant info


Mr. Alfonso Garcia

Cell:  512-787-0580

email iconEmail for Technical Warrant info


Download the Prequalification Questionnaire 

The Technical Aptitude Development Course, (TAD-C), formerly known as the GTE course is an intense 6-day course designed to prepare Soldiers to take the Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT) and achieve a GT score of 110 or higher. The Texas Army National Guard (TXARNG) Regional Training Institute (RTI) and Recruiting and Retention Command (RRC) host quarterly TAD-C for current Soldiers who need to improve their GT scores to apply to be Warrant Officers or Officers. Potential applicants must register to attend this training. 

1. Go to TAD-C Course - Texas Military Department and fill out the registration form. If your career path is for reclass or career advancement, your registration is complete. WOCS, OCS or Aviation applicants, please see below. 

2. Select the appropriate checklist for your chosen career path.

3. Complete the items marked on the selected checklist and email the packet to ng.tx.txarng.list.rr-gte@army.mil.