Live Program Presentation - San Antonio Area - 11/10/2021

5:45 PM
6:45 PM Cafe College 131 El Paso St, San Antonio, TX 78204

Interested in hearing more information about our program?  Attend one of our program presentations. We will be providing full details about who we are, what we do, and we will also be going over the application process for those interested in applying.  No obligation by attending, simply attend one of our presentations with your son/daughter and come listen in! Please RSVP with Brianda Garza.

Location - Cafe College Classroom #3

131 El Paso St, San Antonio, TX 78204

Masks are required for all individuals at Cafe College 

School and work excuses will be provided upon request.

Please do not forget to RSVP!

Brianda Garza 

Central / West Texas 

Phone: (979) 232-1100