About 136th Military Police Battalion136th Military Police Battalion

Motto: Service, Safety, Security

As a subordinate component of the 136th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, or Joint Task Force-136, the Texas Army National Guard’s 136th Military Police Battalion stands ready to provide security, ensure safety, and offer service to those in need, whether they’re fellow residents of the Lone Star state or members of a joint multinational military coalition.

An example of the unit’s focus on delivering on the three-fold promise of its “Service Safety Security” motto came in 2013, when its Headquarters and Headquarters Company as awarded a Meritorious Unit Commendation for services performed during Operation Enduring Freedom. Between 28 July 2009 and 13 April 2010, the Battalion was assigned to Task Force Protector, managing detention operations at the an interment facility in the Bagram theater and then later at a similar facility in Parwan. In both cases, it flawlessly executed all the measures to ensure proper custody, care, and control of their charges, while simultaneously neutralizing any potential threats that might have hindered the rehabilitation of former insurgents.

Shield: Sable , a fesse enhanced and embattled Or, overall a magnifying glass palewise rim Argent (silver grey),the glass surmounting and enlarging the middle crenel between two merlons, the handle Gules edged of the second bearing a mullet Argent.
Crest: That for regiments and separate battalions of the Texas Army National Guard: From a wreath Or and Sable a mullet Argent encircled by a garland of live oak and olive Proper.

Distinctive Unit Insignia: A gold color metal consisting of a vertical gold rimmed magnifying glass with a red handle bearing at its middle section a white star, the glass in front of and enlarging the middle segment of a horizontal gold embattled line with two merlons all on a black background and encircled by a continuous green scroll divided into three segments inscribed “SERVICE, SAFETY, SECURITY” in gold letters.

The Coat of Arms symbolises the Mission of the Battalion - criminal investigation. The Star denote Texas the Home of the Battalion.