Tracy Keating WardTracy Keating Ward is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 20 years of experience. Her areas of expertise are:  Chronic Pain, Spiritual Counseling, Sexual Deviance, Grief and Trauma.  She has provided therapy in many different environments with a variety of populations:  Medical Pain Clinics, Probation Offices, Parole Offices, Prisons, and in Private Practice.   She also served as the PHC (Psychological Health Coordinator) at Camp Mabry.  Her undergraduate degree is in education and she relies heavily on her teaching skills as she helps her clients understand and adapt new concepts and coping skills.  She sees herself as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, teacher and counselor.  These roles have served her well as she relates to her clients.  Mrs. Ward believes in conversing, breathing, movement, good nutrition, self-care and having a solid support system in order to generate healing.  Her hobbies include hiking, fishing and being with her family.

Her personal counseling philosophy, which guides her, is that we all make mistakes.  It is in these mistakes and poor choices that we hurt ourselves and others. It is through our own mistakes and the mistakes of others that we experience pain.  Many times it is the pain that opens the door to seeking help.  Through the pain of these mistakes, there is healing.  In therapy, she works with her clients to offer both hope and healing.  She also believes sometimes you just need someone to talk to who will listen and offer sincere guidance (like our families use to do when we lived by them).  Counseling does not have to be “heavy” or “time consuming.”

Mrs. Ward feels that being located here at Camp Mabry is an extraordinary experience.  The ability to work with service members and their families is quite rewarding.  She also believes that being able to witness their struggle, growth and healing process is an honor.

Additional Licenses, Certificates and On-going Education:

Mrs. Ward has obtained the LPC-S license, which allows her to supervise counseling interns. 

Currently attending CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) classes at the Austin State Hospital.

CPT-I (Cognitive Processing Therapy for Insomnia)

BA in Education, with a Minor in Theology from Concordia Lutheran College

M.Ed. (Masters of Education) in Guidance and Counseling from Southwest Texas State University